Video Management and Analytics, Access Control, Perimeter Intrusion Detection, Personal Duress

Legacy Products

Senstar continually reviews its product portfolio to ensure we are offering products that are in line with current technologies and are meeting the needs of our customers. Refer to the table below to learn more about our legacy products and see recommended alternatives.

Fence Sensors
E-Flex IIComplete end of lifeProduct GuideFlexZone
E-Flex 3iComplete end of lifeProduct GuideFlexZone
FiberPatrol FP1100X Retirement bulletin issuedIDS Software Guide
Site Planning Guide
FiberPatrol FP1150
FiberPatrol FP400
FiberPatrol FP1400Retirement bulletin issuedIDS Software Guide
Site Planning Guide
FiberPatrol FP1150
FiberPatrol FP400
FiberPatrol Long-Range Interferometry-Based SystemsComplete end of lifeFiberPatrol FP1150
FiberPatrol FP400
FlexPIRetirement bulletin issuedProduct GuideFlexZone
FlexPSComplete end of lifeProduct GuideFlexZone
FPS-2-2M(AP)Complete end of lifeProduct GuideFlexZone
FPS-2-2RComplete end of lifeProduct GuideFlexZone
FPS-2-PAK and FPS-4-PAKComplete end of lifeProduct GuideFlexZone
FPS-3 (including MX-5300)Complete end of lifeProduct GuideFlexZone
FPS-5Complete end of lifeProduct GuideFlexZone
FPS-EXComplete end of lifeProduct GuideFlexZone
IntelliFiberComplete end of lifeProduct GuideFiberPatrol FP1150
FiberPatrol FP400
Intelli-FLEXComplete end of lifeProduct GuideFlexZone
Microwave Sensors
MPS 4100Complete end of lifeProduct GuideUltraWave
MPS 14000Complete end of lifeProduct GuideUltraWave
MPS 16000Complete end of lifeProduct GuideUltraWave
MPS 24000Complete end of lifeProduct GuideUltraWave
Buried Sensors
FiberPatrol FP6100XRetirement bulletin issuedOmniTrax
FiberPatrol FP1150
Panther IIComplete end of lifeProduct GuideOmniTrax
FiberPatrol FP1150
PerimitraxComplete end of lifePlanning Product Guide
Installation Product Guide
FiberPatrol FP1150
SentraxComplete end of lifeProduct GuideOmniTrax
FiberPatrol FP1150
Life Safety / Emergency Call
FlareComplete end of lifeProduct GuidePAS
Flash / Flare CEbusComplete end of lifePAS
Radar RepelsComplete end of lifeProduct Guide
Electrostatic Sensors
E-FieldComplete end of lifeProduct GuideXField
Intelli-FIELDComplete end of lifeProduct GuideXField
PROX-WATCHComplete end of lifeProduct Guide
System Integration and Management
Crossfire I/O ModulesComplete end of lifeUltraLink
Crossfire Outdoor TranspondersComplete end of lifeUltraLink
DCUComplete end of lifeProduct GuideUltraLink
FPRAMSRetirement bulletin issuedSenstar Symphony
Miniplex III/IIIAComplete end of lifeProduct Guide
MX-5300 (including FPS-3)Complete end of lifeProduct Guide
MX-5000 and MXF-5500Complete end of lifeMX5000 Product Guide
MX5500 Product Guide
MX-7000Retirement bulletin issuedProduct Guide
MX TranspondersComplete end of lifeProduct Guide
Sennet Network Components and TranspondersComplete end of lifeProduct GuideUltraLink
Senstar 100Complete end of lifeOperator Product Guide
Installation Product Guide
Senstar Symphony
StarNet2Retirement bulletin issuedProduct GuideSenstar Symphony
StarNet 1000Retirement bulletin issuedPlanning Product Guide
Operator Product Guide
Senstar Symphony
TungstenComplete end of life
E4000 Series NVRComplete end of lifeE5000 Physical Security Appliance
Embedded Video Analytics for Axis cameras (ACAP) Complete end of life
Senstar Safe SpacesComplete end of life
Senstar Symphony 6.0 to Senstar Symphony 7.1Complete end of lifeSupport LifecycleSenstar Symphony
Except Senstar Symphony