Security Management

Security guard sitting at desk in front of screens from Senstar's StarNet security management system

Senstar’s security management portfolio provide organizations with cost-effective, flexible options when deploying perimeter intrusion detection and access control systems. From basic I/O modules and embedded controllers to full-featured SMS/VMS, Senstar has the solution.

Senstar Symphony

Intelligent Video, Security, and Information Platform

Senstar Symphony software delivers an all-in-one solution for video, security, and information management. Senstar Symphony works with cameras from all major manufacturers, scales to deployments of any size, and is easy to use and configure. With built-in support for industry-leading video analytics, perimeter intrusion detection sensors, and access control, Senstar Symphony is a highly versatile and cost-effective video surveillance platform.

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Sensor Networking

Flexible Management and Integration Options

Integrating perimeter intrusion detection, access control, and surveillance cameras with site security processes is critical for achieving situational awareness and fast response times. Senstar offers a suite of hardware and software components that provide a range of integration options.

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Senstar Rugged Controller

Remote Management with Local Fallback

The Senstar Rugged Controller is a ruggedized, embedded controller that enables remote management of Senstar security sensors and provides local control of security functions. Ideal for remote, unmanned sites, it provides a platform on which security, communications, and backup systems can be automated if network connectivity is lost. On-site technicians can also use the controller as an access point when performing maintenance or troubleshooting.

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Security Management System

StarNet 2 is a feature-rich Security Management System (SMS) optimized for the management and operation of perimeter protection and intrusion detection systems. Organized around a visual, map-based interface, StarNet 2 provides a streamlined user experience for operators handling everything from daily routines to crisis situations, enabling organizations to reduce reaction times, improve efficiency and safeguard personnel.

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UltraLink Input / Output Modules

Programmable Input/Output Modules for Sensor Integration

UltraLink input/output (I/O) modules enable Senstar perimeter intrusion detection sensors to be integrated with virtually any security system, including intrusion panels or systems where an API-based integration is not required. UltraLink I/O modules provide sets of configurable relay outputs and dry-contact inputs. They can be also used to integrate third-party devices deployed alongside Senstar devices. In this scenario, alarms from Senstar and third-party sensor data is communicated to a Senstar video or security management system (VMS/SMS) via Senstar’s Network Manager software.

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