Buried Sensors

Side-by-side images of Senstar's OmniTrax locating buried cable intrusion detection sensor and FiberPatrol FP6100 locating buried fiber optic sensor for intrusion detection and pipeline protection

Completely covert, buried intrusion detection sensors maintain the aesthetics of a site and are invisible to intruders. Senstar offers two buried sensor technologies, each with distinct benefits depending on the application.

FiberPatrol FP6100

Locating Buried Fiber Optic Sensor for Intrusion Detection and Pipeline Protection

FiberPatrol FP6100 is a buried fiber optic cable that provides covert detection and classification of intruders, vehicles, tunneling, digging, and other activities. FiberPatrol FP6100 locates intrusions to within 5 m (16 ft) and is ideal for applications that require protection over extended distances, including borders, large military bases and airports, and pipelines.

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Locating Buried Cable Intrusion Detection Sensor

OmniTrax is a volumetric sensor that uses a pair of buried cables to generate an invisible above-ground electromagnetic detection field. When an intruder enters the field, an alarm is generated. Intrusions are located to within 1 m (3 ft). Being invisible, OmniTrax offers ultra-high security while maintaining site aesthetics.

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