Other Markets

Senstar has been safeguarding people, places and property for 40 years in a wide range of markets and applications. Our video management and perimeter intrusion detection systems can be found in markets such as banking, commercial, education, entertainment and hospitality, government, healthcare, retail, and VIP residences.

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Woman inserting bank card into ATM to demonstrate Senstar's position in the banking industry


Students walking down the hall in the atrium of a school, representing Senstar's relevance to the education industry


Classical building with large architrave and columns, representing Senstar's relevance to government use

Military and Borders

Military camp in a desert country with fenced perimeter, military vehicles, and several canvas buildings to demonstrate Senstar's military protection capabilities


Family of four walking through a mall with shopping bags in their hands, representing Senstar's relevance to the retail industry

VIP Residences

Large estate with swimming pool, representing Senstar's relevance to wealthy homeowners


Outdoor storage unit facility protected by a barbed wire fence and private property sign, representing Senstar's relevance to the commercial industry

Entertainment and Hospitality

Crowd of fans with arms raised and clapping at a concert, representing Senstar's relevance to the entertainment industry


Patients and nurses in a hospital waiting room, representing Senstar's relevance to the healthcare industry

Nuclear Power Plants


Several planes on the tarmac at an airport at sunset to demonstrate Senstar's ability to protect airports from intrusions and manage and analyze video surveillance