Left and Removed Item Detection

Identify Suspicious Packages and Stolen Items
Left and Removed Item Detection is a Senstar Symphony-based video analytic that monitors the presence of static objects within the field of view. The analytic is optimized for indoor environments and is designed to detect the addition of new objects as well as the removal of existing ones. The analytic can be used to enhance security in public areas, such as subways or shopping centers, by identifying objects, such as suitcases or bags, that should not be left unattended. Businesses can use the removed object features to identify the removal of stock or equipment outside of regular business operations.
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Detect Suspicious Packages

Unattended packages in public areas are potential security threats. Automatic, early detection not only allows security staff to respond quickly but also flags the event within the video footage timeline for subsequent investigation.

Detect Removed Items

Businesses can use removed item detection to detect the theft of stationary assets, such as stock and equipment. The analytic can follow a schedule to avoid alarms generated during normal business operations.

Ensure Emergency Exits Remain Unblocked

Security personnel can be notified immediately if emergency exits become blocked with boxes or other objects.

Enhance Logistics and Quality Control

The arrival and departure of shipping materials from loading bays can be detected. Video footage can be linked to shipping records for anti-theft and quality control purposes.

Configurable Item Size and Time

False alarms can be reduced by configuring object size and addition/removal times. For example, the analytic can be optimized to detect left bags at a subway stop while ignoring larger items such as a stationary floor cleaning machine.

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