Automatic License Plate Recognition

Integrate Vehicle Identification with Security and Business Operations

What is ALPR: Automatic License Plate Recognition

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) is a Senstar Symphony-based video analytic that reads license plates and other vehicle markings, and seamlessly integrates the data into the site’s security and operational processes. The analytic can be used for automating vehicle access systems such as gates and other barriers, flag vehicle in/out times in surveillance footage, notify customer management systems of client arrivals, and track vehicles crossing toll and border checkpoints.

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Benefits of ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) Technology

Works Anywhere

With support for plate recognition for over 100 countries and regions, Senstar APLR will work where an organization is located. Support for custom vehicle markings, such as delivery truck identifiers, can also be added to the system.

Use the Best Camera for the Job

As a built-in analytic in Senstar Symphony, Senstar ALPR works with cameras from all major manufacturers and supports ONVIF Profiles S and T. Organizations can select their own cameras and avoid being locked in to a specific manufacturer or model.

Multi-Lane Support

Senstar ALPR can detect and read license plates across multiple lanes of moving and stationary traffic. Not only can multi-line egress points be monitored, vehicles do not have to come to a complete stop for license plates to be read.

External I/O Support

Upon reading a license plate, Senstar Symphony can trigger I/O devices or other external systems, including vehicle access control systems like barriers or gates.

Manage Authorization Lists

License plates are compared against authorized/unauthorized lists. The lists can be imported/exported from other applications via XML.

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