E5000 Physical Security Appliance

Turnkey Hardware and Video Management Software Solution
Image of E5000 Series PSA box

The Senstar E5000 Physical Security Appliance (PSA) is a complete security management system in a box. Available in two models, it combines compact, purpose-built hardware with Senstar Symphony™ and is ideal for critical sites where vibration and extreme temperatures are difficult to manage, including remote utility and energy infrastructure, as well as space constrained environments.

Features and Benefits

  • High-performance computing platform for the Senstar Symphony™ Common Operating Platform
  • Compact fanless form factor
  • Display alarms from Senstar’s perimeter intrusion detection sensors
  • Manage Senstar access control hardware and events
  • Supports installations of up to 16 cameras
  • Supports all major camera manufacturers (ONVIF)
  • Integrated digital I/O
  • Support for PC and embedded video analytics
  • Supports all Senstar Symphony clients (Windows©, Thin Client, Web, Mobile)
  • Onboard DHCP and SMTP servers simplify the configuration of isolated camera networks
  • Flexible installation options, including wall-mount and desktop
Generic monitoring station to show E5000 PSA capabilities

Senstar E5000 PSA Characteristics

Easy to Use

The E5000 PSA brings together the industry’s best video management software, native analytics support, perimeter intrusion detection sensor (PIDS), access control (AC) devices, and reporting in a single, easy to use device.

Flexible Deployment

The E5000 PSA offers extremely flexible deployment options. Low heat production, expandable storage using NAS, and small compact form makes the PSA the perfect solution for installations where space is limited and a small hardware footprint is a must. The onboard processor provides stable performance with low heat generation and minimal cooling requirements, resulting in improved stability and longevity. A tough aluminum case, with heat dispersing fins that draw heat away from the processor, enables the system to operate in environments not suitable for commercial off-the-shelf PCs. To provide installation flexibility, the E5000 PSA can be wall or desktop-mounted ensuring easy placement in any scenario.

Senstar Symphony Software Built-In

Senstar Symphony is an innovative, open platform for video management, video analytics, system integration, access control and alarm management. Senstar Symphony provides a robust yet easy-to use interface and incorporates IT-friendly features to make administration and remote health monitoring simple and scalable.

Add-on Products

More than just a standalone solution, the E5000 PSA opens the door to a dynamic ecosystem that revolutionizes security management. Seamless integration with Senstar’s perimeter intrusion detection products, Senstar Symphony™ Access Control, Senstar Thin Client™, Senstar Enterprise Manager™, and Senstar’s Outdoor Object Tracker video analytic, brings centralized management of an entire security system together.

Ideal for Remote and Space Constrained Environments

The E5000 PSA is ideal for sites where vibration and extreme temperatures are difficult to manage, including remote utility and energy infrastructure. It is also ideal for space constrained environments, including retail outlets, gas stations, and restaurants

E5000 PSA Deployment Diagram

A complete security management system in a box, the E5000 PSA combines compact hardware with the Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform. On-board digital I/O ports provide flexible integration options with on-site security systems.

Diagram showing E5000 PSA networking

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