Crowd Detection

Monitor People Capacity and Occupancy Levels
Crowd Detection is a Senstar Symphony video analytic that estimates the number of people within a given area in real time and triggers an alarm when a specified number of people (capacity) or a specified percentage of people (occupancy) is reached. Crowd Detection is ideal for public surveillance applications where the volume of people needs to be monitored for public safety or quality of service.
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Improve Public Safety

For public areas such as subways, entertainment facilities, convention centers, and shopping malls, monitoring occupancy levels is critical to maintain public safety and direct staff resources.

Obtain Data for Revenue Opportunity Analysis

Collect real-world data about the amount of foot traffic within a building or public space and use it to make better decisions regarding advertising, service offerings, and business hours.

Monitor Quality of Service

By monitoring typical and peak occupancy levels, organizations can identify bottlenecks, overcrowding and usage rates and use this information to streamline staffing levels and other business processes.

Notify Staff Immediately

Staff can be immediately notified by email or SMS when crowds exceeding configured thresholds are detected.

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