Senstar Symphony AC

Integrated Electronic Access Control Management

Senstar Symphony Access Control (AC) is a complete software solution designed to support the industry’s most trusted brand of access control hardware. Available as a tightly integrated extension to the Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform, the module provides a full set of access control functions, including enrollment, scheduling, monitoring, and reporting. Access control events can be used in Senstar Symphony as triggers for rules, camera call-up, and alarm generation. Each alarm can be linked to a map location and multiple video feeds, enabling each event to be viewed from different camera perspectives or locations. For security personnel monitoring the building, this means only one application is required for monitoring and responding to events, with live and recorded video being accessible from the Senstar Symphony Windows®, web, and mobile clients.

High-Performance Platform

  • Supports industry-standard controllers from HID Global
  • Monitors HVAC, fire detection and elevator devices
  • Active Directory synchronization
  • Up to 10,000 auxiliary output contacts/ relays for use with devices not directly managed by controller hardware
  • Simple per-door licensing, no artificial device limits


Symphony Access Control software - stock image of a hand holding an access card in front of an access keypad on a door

Comprehensive Feature Set

  • Event management
  • Device management
  • User enrollment
  • Access levels and profiles
  • Schedules
  • Triggers and macros
  • Logging and reporting
Entrance of a large building with metal detectors and security guards to represent Symphony Access Control's comprehensive feature set

Senstar Symphony Integration

  • Control doors with on-screen controls
  • Use access control events to trigger rules, camera call-ups and alarms
  • Link each alarm to a map location and multiple video streams
  • Use single application for monitoring and responding to events
  • Obtain access control and video support from same vendor
Man sitting at monitors showing Symphony Access Control's integration with Senstar Symphony video, security and information management platform

Senstar Symphony AC Features

Industry-Standard Hardware Support

Senstar Symphony AC supports industry-standard controllers from HID Global. In addition, it integrates with industry-standard HVAC, and elevator control panels. Multiple hardware controllers may be used within the same deployment, appearing together in a hierarchical list that expands to show connected devices like door contacts, strikes, and readers.

Link Access Control Events to Video

Senstar Symphony AC monitors all events generated by the access control devices, including card swipes, door activity, trigger activations, schedule changes, and operator activity. Access control events can be used to trigger alarms in the Senstar Symphony Alarm Console as well as within the AC software itself in either an alarm window or on a graphical map. When displayed Senstar Symphony, the alarms are linked with video, enabling security personnel to immediately view events as they occur as well as post-incident analysis. On-screen commands, such as alarm mask, door unlock, or auxiliary device activation/deactivation, are also supported.

Simplified Deployment and Support

Managing building security via the deployment of the Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform simplifies installation, training, and support requirements. Help is available from a single phone number or email address, and issues can be resolved without being bounced back and forth between vendors. Licensing is also simplified. Both Senstar Symphony AC and Senstar Symphony use per-device licensing, meaning you only need to license for your immediate requirements. You retain the option to add additional doors, devices, or cameras at a later time, without having to upgrade or install new software.

Zones, Access Levels, and Schedules

Senstar Symphony AC enables site owners to divide the building into logical access zones and enable/disable access based on user access levels. Access can also be controlled based on business schedules as well as individual employee vacation dates. For example, access to public areas may be uncontrolled during business hours but require a card swipe after hours.

Point and Click Report Generation

System administrators can easily generate historical event reports based on various criteria, including by person, reader, and event type. Reports can be exported as PDF, CSV and XML formats for use in other applications.

Provision Users

Senstar Symphony AC includes a Personnel Manager module to easily administer and provision access privileges for employees. The software module supports access levels, templating, activity history, custom fields, vacation times, PINs, and photo upload (via files or TWAIN-compatible cameras). User data can also be pulled from HR systems, Active Directory, SQL Server, Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) sources, and text/CSV files.

Import Existing Configuration Data

Senstar Symphony AC is designed to work with a wide variety of third-party systems and includes a data import utility for scheduling regular updates using Active Directory, Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), comma-separated values (CSV), and tab-delimited text data sources. This enables the system to be integrated with HR databases and other systems to streamline building and employee operations.

Deployment Diagram 

Senstar Symphony AC uses an open architecture that enables organizations to manage access control and other building devices from multiple vendors from a single, easy-to-use interface. 

Diagram showing how Symphony Access Control integrates to other security systems

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