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March 2023

GIT Magazine–Sensor- und Informationsmanagementsysteme zum Schutz von Infrastrukturen und Einrichtungen

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September 2022

Brad Martin, Director of Product Management, Senstar, describes how next-generation sensing technologies along the perimeter can work together via a sensor fusion engine to provide the highest level of intrusion detection while virtually eliminating all nuisance alarms.

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August 2022

ASMAG–Data centers are the engine that drives the digital economy. Uninterrupted, continuous operation is critical to maintaining the services that an always-connected society relies on.

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December 2021

ASMAG–Sensor fusion is one of five technologies that are hot in perimeter security now.

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August 2021

Electricity Forum–The physical security of electrical generation, transmission, and distribution sites is critical. This article looks at reducing nuisance alarm rates from on-site security systems.

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February 2021

CIP Association—Critical infrastructure sites are constantly at risk of vandalism, theft and attack. Protection of these sites starts at the perimeter.

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