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Screen shot from Commom Operating Platform video showing different security and operations systems that can be brought together with Symphony

Senstar Achieves GSA Approval

Herndon, VA–February 5, 2020–Senstar, a global provider of perimeter intrusion detection and video management solutions, is pleased to announce it has achieved General Services Administration (GSA) approval. The GSA is the…

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Senstar in the News

July 2020—Concerns and solutions for deploying crowd detection in public spaces. Responsibly and reliably deploying a crowd detection system in public spaces is of paramount importance.

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July 2020—Choosing the right crowd detection method for your needs. Choosing whether to deploy an edge-based or server-based crowd detection system depends on the application and environment.

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July 2020—Advancing crowd detection analytics with deep learning and Wi-Fi. Crowd detection analytics have become increasingly accurate thanks to deep learning.

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July 2020—Crowd detection analytics in the era of social distancing. Social distancing (physical distancing) has emerged as a new public standard to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Crowd detection analytics could help.

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May 2020

CORRECTIONS FORUM—Security Force Multipliers. Multiply your security forces with the latest advancements in software and hardware.

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March 2020

UTILITY PRODUCTS—Intelligent Lighting for Electrical Substations. Next generation security lighting dramatically reduces light pollution and operating costs while introducing new capabilities.

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