FiberPatrol FP400

Zone-Based Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection System
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FiberPatrol FP400 is a zone-reporting fence-mounted fiber optic intrusion detection sensor that detects intruders climbing, cutting or lifting the fence fabric. The fiber optic sensor cable is completely immune to EMI and lightning and is intrinsically safe in explosive atmospheres, making it ideal for sites like electrical substations, pipeline valve and pump stations, oil and gas well-pads, and other critical infrastructure sites.

Icon of a fence with a video camera mounted on its post representing the ability of Senstar's perimeter intrusion detection and video management products to detect intrusion attempts along the perimeter

Detection Capabilities

  • 4 detection zones per processor, with up to 300 m (984 ft) per zone
  • Up to 20 km (12.4 mi) of insensitive lead cable to zone start
  • Accurately detects and locates multiple simultaneous intrusions

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Performance Features

  • Environmentally Derived Adaptive Processing Technology (EDAPT) mitigates the effects of wind and heavy rain
  • Built-in Ethernet with PoE support

Icon of a fiber optic cable representing Senstar's use of the technology

Fiber Optic Benefits

  • No powered or conductive items required in the field
  • Immune to EMI and lightning, intrinsically safe in explosive atmospheres
  • Long sensor cable service life
  • Unused fibers can be reused for other applications

How It Works

By monitoring the minute flexing of its sensor cable, the FP400 detects intruders climbing, cutting or lifting the fence fabric. High-speed sampling ensures that the FP400 processor captures a precise picture of the fence signal. Advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and tunable detection settings enable the FP400 to adapt to fences of different types and conditions.

FiberPatrol FP400 fiber optic fence-mounted intrusion detection sensor on a fence at the perimeter of an fuel storage yard at an airport

FiberPatrol FP400 Features

Simple Installation

The lightweight FP400 sensor cable is attached directly to the fence fabric with UV-resistant cable ties. The processor unit is outdoor-rated for temperature and humidity and includes mounting flanges for installation in a variety of locations, including panel-mounting, on a rack shelf, or outdoors in a protective enclosure. The FP400 supports up to 20 km (12.4 mi) of fiber-optic lead-in cable between the processor and the start of the detection zones, enabling the processor to be installed away from the perimeter in a secure area.

Common Platform

The FP400 uses the same configuration and integration software as other Senstar products, reducing training requirements while increasing operational efficiencies. The device is configured and calibrated with easy-to-use Windows®-based software over a USB or network connection. Alarms, control, and status information is managed by the Network Manager software, which provides a common unified interface for Senstar’s video and security management software as well as other industry-leading third-party systems.

Four Sides, Four Zones

The FP400 works with chain-link, standard welded mesh, expanded metal mesh and palisade fences. Each FP400 processor supports four zones of detection. Detection zones are created through the use of Start/End modules. A Start module, installed at the beginning of the first zone, transforms the non-detecting lead-in cable into sensing cable, while an End module terminates the zone.

Gate Protection

FP400 sensor cable can be installed on swinging gates to provide detection, and the gate area itself can be configured as an independent detection zone. Gate latches can be monitored via the FP400’s on-board auxiliary input. Sliding gates are typically protected with Senstar’s Wireless Gate Sensor or UltraWave microwave sensor.

Networking and Integration

With built-in Ethernet, on-board relay outputs, auxiliary inputs, and support for RS-422 and fiber optic communication cards, the FP400 can work with virtually any security system.

Deployment Diagram

The FP400 typically communicates with the security system via an Ethernet, RS-422 or fiber optic interface. The communications network may be shared with other Senstar sensors to reduce infrastructure requirements. Integrations using output relays are also supported.

Diagram of FiberPatrol FP400 fiber optic fence-mounted intrusion detection sensor as part of a security system

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