PTZ Auto-Tracking

Automate Your PTZ Cameras
PTZ Auto-Tracking is a Senstar Symphony-based video analytic that enables pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras to automatically zoom in and follow a person or vehicle within the field of view. PTZ Auto-Tracking can improve response capabilities during a security event by enabling the operator to focus on what is happening rather than being distracted with camera controls.
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Follow Objects of Interest

PTZ Auto-Tracking can be configured to follow all objects, or just people or vehicles, ensuring that objects of interest are tracked and camera operation is unaffected by other activity.

Indoor and Outdoor Operation

As an extension to Senstar’s Indoor People Tracking and Outdoor People and Vehicle Tracking analytics, PTZ Auto-Tracking can be optimized for both indoor and outdoor operation.

Ensure High-Quality Video of Events

Having PTZ cameras automatically zoom in to capture objects of interest ensures that high quality, zoomed-in video of people and/or vehicles during security events is captured.

Reduce Operator Distractions

PTZ Auto-Tracking minimizes the need for manual PTZ control of the cameras, such as joystick controls. This frees up operators to focus on the event itself as well as perform other activities, such as using an intercom system or notifying authorities.

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