Senstar TC200

Thermal-Visible Smart Camera

Senstar TC200 camera

The Senstar TC200 is a dual-stream smart camera that detects intruders with high accuracy and a low rate of nuisance alerts. It combines the power of thermal detection with the power of visible color for a comprehensive, 24-hour security solution. With a thermal sensor, HD color sensor, on-board video storage, automatic stabilization, and dual-sensor video analytics, the Senstar TC200 helps prevent crime, theft, and business disruptions at perimeters and outdoor areas with exceptional reliability.

Thermal Detection and HD Color

The support for simultaneous, linked thermal and visible color video streams on a single device simplifies deployment requirements and enhances assessment capabilities. Operators can display both streams at the same time, enabling them to quickly assess security events at any time, day or night, and use the same camera for both observation and identification purposes. In addition, the on-board video analytics use both streams simultaneously to improve accuracy while reducing nuisance alarms.

Dual image of Senstar TC200 thermal and HD color screens

More Coverage, Fewer Cameras

The Senstar TC200 covers more area using fewer cameras, giving you better security at a lower cost than other camera solutions. With the highest detection reliability and very low nuisance alerts, you can secure more sites more effectively without adding resources.

Dual image showing Senstar TC200 coverage capabilities versus the competition

Senstar TC200 Features

Smarter Outdoor Video

The Senstar TC200 detects, analyzes and communicates real-time intruder activity over perimeters and outdoor sites with outstanding accuracy. The Senstar TC200 solves the toughest intruder detection problems, from theft and vandalism to protecting utilities, oil and gas infrastructure, ports, bridges, water treatment infrastructure, rail yards, data centers, and assets of national importance.

Accurate Detection, Low Rate of Nuisance Alerts

By bringing many times the processing power to the network edge, the Senstar TC200 ignores the impact of wind, lighting and shadows, precipitation, blowing debris, small animals and vibrations. With integrated video analytics, image stabilization and a toolbox of filters to optimize outdoor performance, the Senstar TC200 is a highly effective and reliable outdoor detection solution.

Complements Perimeter Security Systems

The Senstar TC200 is an ideal complement for perimeter intrusion detection sensors, such as FlexZone or FiberPatrol fence-mounted sensors, the Senstar LM100 perimeter intrusion detection and deterrence system, the OmniTrax or FiberPatrol buried sensors, or the UltraWave microwave sensor.

Cost Effective and Easy-to-Use

The same processing that delivers reliable accuracy is also used for extended coverage, which means fewer cameras and less infrastructure, making the Senstar TC200 an excellent, cost effective solution for outdoor security. The Senstar TC200 has a web-based point-and-click set up making it easy to set up and use.

Integrates with Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform

The Senstar TC200 connects seamlessly to existing video management, PSIM and access control systems, including the Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform, without middleware, custom integration or additional equipment. The system supports end-to-end data security, open IT standards and configurable bandwidth.

Powerful Video Analytics

The Senstar TC200 features powerful video analytics:

  • Dual Sensor Analytics (DSA) – Thermal and visible sensors work together for high accuracy and low false alarms
  • Geospatial analytics – Detection zones based on size, speed, bearing, and geo-location
  • Detection – Detect in the dark, rain, snow and wind
  • Nuisance alarm rejection – Ignores small animals, trees, and trash

Senstar TC200 Availability

The Senstar TC200 is available in 30 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, & United Kingdom.

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