Thin Client

Network Video Display Appliance
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The Senstar Thin Client is a simple and cost-effective device designed to display 1080p video from 30+ network video camera manufacturers via ONVIF Profile S, as well as from the Senstar Symphony VMS or any RTSP-compatible video source. The device is ideal for space-constrained environments due to its compact design while its web-based interface makes it easy to configure and manage.

Icon of a 1080 film strip representing Thin Client's 1080p network video display

1080p Network Video Display

  • Works with all major camera manufacturers
  • Compatible with ONVIF Profile S and RTSP IP camera streams
  • Decodes and displays up to 16 live video streams at one time

Icon of two arrows pointed inwards from two surfaces to show how Thin Client works in tight spaces

Ideal for Tight Environments

  • Durable, fanless design
  • Multiple mounting options (including back of monitor)
  • Powered via PoE

Icon of a checkmark inside a gear to show how easy Thin Client is to use and manage

Easy To Use and Manage

  • Manage displays locally, via mobile device, or over the network
  • Mouse and touch screen support
  • Web-based administration interface

Thin Client Features

Easy Installation and Setup

Installation takes less than five minutes. Powered by PoE, the Thin Client only requires two cables, Ethernet and HDMI. Its compact design includes VESA-spaced mounting holes for installation on a variety of surfaces, including direct attachment to the back of the monitor. The display and layout of video streams can be controlled wirelessly by a mobile app (IOS or Android), from over the network, or locally via a mouse or touch screen.

Simple Video Display, Playback and Export

The Senstar Thin Client can connect directly to network cameras/video streams to display live video. Still images can be saved to Network Attached Storage (NAS). When paired with the Senstar Symphony VMS, it also supports video playback and export, making it a simple, low-cost solution for reviewing and exporting surveillance footage.

Ideal for Virtually Any Organization

The device is ideal in space-constrained environments due to its easy setup and compact design. The Thin Client can be used wherever video needs to be shown, including retail, hospital, government, education, business and manufacturing environments.

Privacy Controls

The Thin client can help organizations meet General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other privacy regulations by limiting the personal information displayed to the operator. It supports static and dynamic masks generated by the Senstar Symphony VMS and well user accounts that limit access to PTZ controls and other features.

Video Wall Display

The Thin Client can be used to drive individual panels in a video wall, using video from the Senstar Symphony VMS or ONVIF-compatible sources.

Low Power, Hassle-Free Operation

As a fanless, PoE-powered device, the Thin Client draws 95 percent less energy than a traditional Windows® PC. The embedded OS simplifies IT management as it doesn’t require anti-virus software, regular software updates or security patches.

Deployment Diagram: Senstar Symphony

The Thin Client can be used with the Senstar Symphony for video playback and export, in addition to live video. The Thin Client can be controlled directly from Symphony and used to drive video wall displays.

Deployment Diagram: ONVIF

The Thin Client can be used as a stand-alone display appliance, displaying video streams from ONVIF-compatible devices.

Diagram demonstrating how Thin Client can be used with ONVIF compatible devices

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