Sensor Integration

Flexible Management and Integration Options

Integrating perimeter intrusion detection, access control, and surveillance cameras with site security processes is critical for achieving situational awareness and fast response times. Senstar offers a suite of hardware and software components that provide a range of integration options.

Icon representing how Senstar's software functions as the gateway for their hardware sensors

Sensor Integration

  • Reliable, fault-tolerant communication over a variety of network types, topologies, and devices
  • Remote access for sensor configuration, calibration and troubleshooting
  • Gateway software provides common IP interface

Icon of a computer screen with eye representing the ability of Senstar's video management software to manage large camera deployments and direct staff attention to key events.

Management Software

  • Multiple alarm display and management applications to meet individual site requirements
  • Integration options for third-party systems

Icon of a box with SDK label emerging, representing Senstar's Software Development Kit

Software Development Kit (SDK)

  • Field-proven API
  • Full documentation and sample code
  • Simulator software

Sensor Integration Features

Flexible Communication Options

Senstar sensors can communicate over a range of physical media, including Ethernet, single and multi-mode fiber, and RS-422 networks, as well as hardwired I/O points. When loop topologies are used, sensors are polled from both ends and ensuring continued communications after a cable cut or device failure.

Common IP Interface

The Network Manager software communicates directly with Senstar sensors and provides a common, unified IP interface for use by security, video, and physical security information management systems (SMS/VMS/PSIM).

Remote Configuration and Calibration

Senstar includes a set of software tools that enable system maintainers to configure, calibrate, and monitor networked sensors from a centralized location. Each tool communicates with the Network Manager over TCP/IP and can run on separate PCs – a real time-saver when access to the physical devices is restricted or inconvenient.

The Best Tools for the Job

Senstar offers several Windows® -based alarm display options, each one optimized for different customer requirements. Integrations with third-party systems are also available:

  • Symphony VMS—High performance, full-featured security, video, and information management software.
  • Alarm Integration Module (AIM)—A single-map alarm display, ideal for use at sites with simple security environments or as a fallback display within a more complex environment.
  • StarNet—A full-featured SMS optimized for perimeter intrusion detection systems.

Integrate with Confidence

Senstar provides an SDK to enable third-party security providers to communicate with the Network Manager and integrate Senstar sensors into their systems via a mature, field-proven API. The SDK includes documentation, sample code, and simulator software.

Deployment Diagram

Senstar sensors can be integrated through a variety of methods, from simple I/O connections to full software integrations. Contact your Senstar representative for integration options specific to your site.

Diagram showing how Senstar sensors network into a security management system

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