Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform

Video, Security and Data Intelligence Platform with Sensor Fusion Engine
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The Senstar Symphony™ Common Operating Platform with sensor fusion is a modular solution for security management and data intelligence. In addition to being an open, highly scalable video management system with built-in video analytics, it includes full-featured access control and perimeter intrusion detection modules. But what truly sets Senstar Symphony apart from other systems is its sensor fusion engine. By intelligently combining low-level sensor data with video analytics, the sensor fusion engine achieves the highest levels of performance, far beyond that of the individual devices. Senstar Symphony seamlessly incorporates sensor fusion, event algorithms, and rule-based actions to provide unmatched capabilities, flexibility, and performance.

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Intelligent Video Management for Any Organization

An open platform, Senstar Symphony supports cameras from all major vendors and easily scales to any size. With intuitive operator clients, simple per-camera licensing, and built-in high availability, Senstar Symphony is the ideal high-performance video management solution.

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AI-Powered Video Analytics

By leveraging existing video surveillance infrastructure, Senstar Symphony video analytics are a highly cost-effective means to augment security with new detection capabilities, direct attention to key events, automate access control and other facility functions, and collect data on customer behavior.

Screenshot of Senstar Symphony security management capabilities

Integrated Incident and Alarm Management

A full-featured security management system (SMS), Senstar Symphony delivers a consolidated view of incidents from any source, including intrusion sensors, video analytics, access control, and other security devices. Its visual, map-based interface provides a streamlined user experience for operators handling everything from daily routines to crisis situations.

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Unified Access Control with Video Surveillance

A complete access control system, Senstar Symphony supports industry standard hardware and fully integrates access control events with video and alarm management.

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Leverage Your Surveillance System to Obtain Operational Intelligence

By combining video surveillance with analytics, security sensors, and data from manufacturing or logistics systems, organizations can monitor operations, detect abnormalities, and implement corrective actions.

Senstar Symphony Mobile Application

Easy and Convenient Remote Monitoring

Senstar Symphony includes mobile apps for iOS and Android. Support live video and playback, video analytics, PTZ control, and alarm management. Each app can connect to multiple servers, enabling a user to remotely monitor several deployments.

What’s New

  • New AI analytics

  • ONVIF Profile M support

  • Updated video engine to improve user experience using GPU
  • Improved Hanwha support

  • Access control integration with Salto Systems

Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform Features

Sensor Fusion

Senstar sensor fusion engine synthesizes data from separate systems to generate actionable information. More than just a simple Boolean logic integration, the sensor fusion engine accesses low level data to intelligently characterize potential risks. Data synthesis enables the system to achieve levels of performance that exceed those of the individual sensors. For security applications, this has direct, practical benefits, namely the ability to maximize the strengths of individual sensor technologies while avoiding their shortcomings. When signal response data from outdoor sensors is synthesized with video analytic data, nuisance alarms generated by wind, debris or background activity are virtually eliminated while maintaining the system’s high probability of detection.

Multi-Platform Clients

Senstar Symphony includes a full-featured Windows®-based client, a HTML5-client web client, a thin client hardware appliance, and mobile apps ( iOS and Android ). With Senstar Symphony’s camera-based licensing scheme, you can install and use as many clients as you want. The Windows® client includes on-screen camera hotlinks, a full-featured alarm console that integrates alarms with video feeds and sensor data, timeline view, and intuitive graphical maps with precise alarm location data.

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Open Ecosystem

Senstar Symphony installs on standard commercial off-the-shelf hardware and supports thousands of network devices as well as ONVIF profiles S and T (H.265 and metadata). Senstar Symphony integrates with a wide variety of security and access control products, while its RESTful API and TCP/IP listener services enable it to interact with virtually any network-based device.

Native Analytics

Direct operator attention to key events via Senstar Symphony’s built-in video analytics. Server and edge-based analytics are seamlessly supported, as well as third-party applications through the metadata engine.

Intelligent Search and Investigation

Senstar Symphony includes a graphical timeline and intelligent search. By leveraging events and metadata generated by its video analytics and linked systems, operators can quickly find, review, and export video containing specific events or people. Comprehensive reports, including operator activity, event history, and video analytic results, can also be generated.

Flexible Common Operating Platform

A modular system, Senstar Symphony can meet your business requirements, both today and in years to come. Functionality sets including video management, video analytics, security management, access control and data intelligence can be used individually, added when needed, or combined together as a complete integrated solution. A highly cost-effective solution, Senstar Symphony is licensed per security device (camera, door, or sensor), so that you only license what you need. All managed devices report to a shared rules and alarms management system, enabling operators to perform site security or operational functions from a ‘single pane of glass’.

High-Performance Architecture

Senstar Symphony’s unique architecture simplifies deployment planning, reduces server costs, and is highly scalable:

  • Optimized for all VMS functions (video, management and analytics), Senstar Symphony does not require dedicated servers for specific roles
  • Built-in server and database High Availability with automatic failover provides Enterprise-class reliability 
  • Support additional cameras simply by adding additional server resources—no reconfiguration or licensing scheme changes required

Privacy + Cybersecurity

Senstar Symphony was designed from the outset with data privacy and security in mind. Fine-tuned user permissions, along with intelligent people and vehicle masking, assists Senstar Symphony operators to meet data privacy regulations. All client-server communications are encrypted using industry best-practices.

Web-Based Administration

Senstar Symphony administration is handled via a browser-based client, eliminating the need to install and maintain a separate Windows® management application. The client can be accessed anywhere in the world over high security SSL encryption. Reusable templates and rules speed up the configuration of large deployments.

Scalable Solution

The Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform is a highly scalable solution designed to adapt to increasing security requirements as a site grows. See video.

Industry Accolades

               SIA award

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