Personal Duress Systems


To help keep personnel working in high-threat environments safe, Senstar’s personal duress systems detect and locate individuals in distress at the touch of a button.


Personal Alarm System for Emergency Response

PAS (Personal Alarm System) is an ultrasonic emergency notification/communication system that determines the location of an individual within a facility when he or she activates their Personal Alarm Transmitter (PAT) device.

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Personal Duress FAQs

What are Personal Duress Systems?

Personal duress systems help keep staff working in high threat environments safe. A Personal Protection Device (PPD) is activated by a button push, pull-pin, or man-down (device tilt) event, sending a signal to a network of sensor units concealed throughout the building. The location, status, and identity of the PPD appears on a map-based display in the control room so an appropriate response can be initiated.

Similar Terms

Personal Alarm System

Why Personal Duress?

Personal duress systems provide a simple and effective way to keep employees safe. Each battery-powered PPD is individually identified and the system can be configured to display user names or other information in the control room.