Video Management

Man in control room with dozens of monitors showing feeds from different cameras, highlighting Senstar Symphony video management capabilities

Senstar’s video management portfolio offers organizations innovative, flexible solutions that enhance security and streamline operations while reducing overall costs and avoiding vendor lock-in.

Benefits of using a VMS – Video Management Software (VMS)

Essential to any security surveillance solution is a Video Management System or Software. Benefits and advantages of a VMS include: ease of use and flexibility; scalability; Cloud, server or edge-based storage; integrations with third-party systems and devices; alert customizations; camera compatibility via ONVIF standards; and multi-site applications.

Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform

Video, Security and Data Intelligence Platform with Sensor Fusion Engine

The Senstar Symphony™ Common Operating Platform with sensor fusion is a modular solution for security management and data intelligence. In addition to being an open, highly scalable video management system with built-in video analytics, it includes full-featured access control and perimeter intrusion detection modules. But what truly sets Senstar Symphony apart from other systems is its sensor fusion engine. By intelligently combining low-level sensor data with video analytics, the sensor fusion engine achieves the highest levels of performance, far beyond that of the individual devices. Senstar Symphony seamlessly incorporates sensor fusion, event algorithms, and rule-based actions to provide unmatched capabilities, flexibility, and performance.

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Network Video Recorders

High-Performance Senstar Symphony Server Hardware

Deploy a video surveillance system with confidence using Senstar-validated Network Video Recorder (NVR) hardware. All recorders are pre-loaded with Senstar Symphony™ video management software. These turnkey products support a wide range of IP cameras and decoders, making them ideal for a variety of environments and deployments.

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Senstar Enterprise Manager

Centralized Cloud Management for Multi-Site Video Surveillance Deployments

Senstar Enterprise Manager (SEM) provides centralized, cloud-based management for multi-location video surveillance deployments. It helps to streamline IT operations through unified health monitoring and settings management, while automating firmware updates for network cameras and Senstar products.

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Senstar Symphony 7

Intelligent Video, Security, and Information Platform

Senstar Symphony 7 software delivers an all-in-one solution for video, security, and information management. Senstar Symphony 7 works with cameras from all major manufacturers, scales to deployments of any size, and is easy to use and configure. With built-in support for industry-leading video analytics, perimeter intrusion detection sensors, and access control, Senstar Symphony is a highly versatile and cost-effective video surveillance and video management platform.

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Senstar TC200

Thermal-Visible Smart Camera

The Senstar TC200 is a dual-stream smart camera that detects intruders with high accuracy and a low rate of nuisance alerts. It combines the power of thermal detection with the power of visible color for a comprehensive, 24-hour security solution. With a thermal sensor, HD color sensor, on-board video storage, automatic stabilization, and dual-sensor video analytics, the Senstar TC200 helps prevent crime, theft, and business disruptions at perimeters and outdoor areas with exceptional reliability.

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Senstar Symphony Supported Devices

Manufacturers and Models Supported in Senstar Symphony

Senstar Symphony is compatible with analog and IP cameras, encoders, DVRs and other video devices from a wide variety of manufacturers. View a comprehensive list of the manufacturers and models supported in the latest version of the management platform.

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TCP Listener

Link Video to Business Processes

The TCP Listener is a Senstar Symphony module that listens for incoming metadata over a TCP socket and associates it with an image or video, enabling organizations to use data like barcodes or serial numbers when searching for photos and recorded video. An ROI can be gained by reducing the amount of time it takes to conduct investigations and reduce warranty claims.

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Thin Client

Network Video Display Appliance

The Senstar Thin Client is a simple and cost-effective device designed to display 1080p video from 30+ network video camera manufacturers via ONVIF Profile S, as well as from the Senstar Symphony VMS or any RTSP-compatible video source. The device is ideal for space-constrained environments due to its compact design while it’s web-based interface makes it easy to configure and manage.

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High-Performance Operator Workstations

The R-Series Operator Station complements the R-Series Network Video Recorders (NVR). Featuring Dell hardware, the Operator Station is ideal for customers looking for a preconfigured, validated video surveillance client. The R001 model is optimized for everyday video monitoring applications and supports up to three displays.

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Video Management FAQs

What is VMS (Video Management Software)?

Video management software (VMS) or a video management platform displays and records video streams from cameras and other sources. It is also responsible for permission management and access rules. In addition to basic display, record, and playback functions, VMS can offer additional functionality, including built-in video analytics, privacy controls, and alarm management.

Why VMS (Video Management Software)?

A security guard watching a camera feed for suspicious activity is not practical with the huge volume of video produced by today’s surveillance systems. Instead, video management software (VMS) or a video management platform is used to monitor and manage video feeds around the clock while built-in video analytics or integrated security sensors detect suspicious activity, instantly alerting security personnel.

What is a Video Management System?

A video management system or video management platform typically refers to software used to manage cameras and other sources. Records sensor inputs and manages the storage and access to such. It provides a UI (User Interface) to grant or deny permissions to live, historical and additional data if available. To ensure optimal operation, certified server hardware should be used.

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