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What are Video Analytics?

Video analytics process video in real-time and transform it into intelligent data. They automatically generate descriptions of what is happening in the video (metadata) and are used to detect and track objects which also could be categorized as persons, vehicles, and other objects in the video stream. This information forms the basis on which to perform actions, e.g. to decide if security staff should be notified or if a higher quality recording stream should be used. Video analytics turn simple IP video into business intelligence.

Video analytics is a much more practical solution to reviewing hours of surveillance video to identify incidents that are pertinent to what you are looking for. Utilizing video analytics will increase the efficiency of your security monitoring process and decrease the workload on security and management staff.

When used in conjunction with a video management system (VMS), you can act upon the metadata generated by video analytics. Surveillance automation allows you to create rules to alert security personnel for specific events of interest.

Standard Video Analytics vs. Intelligent Video Analytics

The terms “intelligent video analytics” (IVA) and “video analytics” often overlap in usage. Still, they can be distinguished by the level of sophistication in their capabilities and the technologies they employ. Here’s a breakdown of the main differences:

Video Analytics

  • Basic Functionality
  • Rule-Based Processing
  • Limited Contextual Understanding

Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA)

  • Advanced Technologies
  • Deep Learning Capabilities
  • Contextual and Situational Awareness
  • Proactive Responses and Insights

How Video Analytics Software Works

Video Analytics uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to monitor, analyze and manage large volumes of video. They digitally analyze video inputs, transforming them into intelligent data, which helps in decision-making.

Video analytics software (CCTV software)  can come pre-installed on your closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance cameras, on a network video recorder (NVR), or as a built-in or third-party plugin to the video management software (VMS). An open VMS platform like Senstar Symphony enables you to choose the optimal hardware for your security surveillance infrastructure.

Types of Intelligent Video Analytics

Video Analytics augments traditional security video surveillance infrastructure with new detection capabilities that include:

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Why Choose Video Analytics

Video analytics will turn your digital or IP-based videos into actionable business intelligence that impacts your organization. These include:

  • Reducing loss, theft, and vandalism
  • Creating staff and visitor safety
  • Improving ease of installation and implementation
  • Improving storage and accessibility
  • Improving productivity
  • Enabling remote monitoring capability
  • Reducing cost and improving scalability
  • Distributing intelligence
  • Integrating with Video Management Software systems

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