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Video Monitoring (CCTV) Systems

Video monitoring (or closed-circuit television (CCTV)) is a security monitoring system that used to watch over a premises. These systems are comprised of video cameras, video recorders, TV/computer monitors, and various other components. The purpose of these systems is to capture live events, archive footage, and actively monitor various aspects of a property.

Common Types of Surveillance Cameras

  • Analog Security Cameras include basic security functionality, onsite video storage, and video display on TV without the need for a Digital Video Recorder (DVR).
  • Internet Protocol (IP) Cameras offer similar functionality to analog cameras but have higher resolution, remote zoom, repositioning capability, and can receive real-time images and notifications via a web browser or other software. That means live incidents can be viewed on-premises or remotely from a smartphone or desktop computer.

Surveillance Camera Options

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