Articles that Enrich and Expand on Physical Security Technologies

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    Communications and Critical Infrastructure Protection

    What is the Communications Sector? The communications sector is an integral component of every economy that cuts across businesses, public safety organizations, and government. Private sectors work with governments to provide,...
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    Chemical Sector Security and Protection

    What is the Chemical Sector? The chemical sector is a global, complex supply chain. This sector is essential to modern life because chemical facilities convert various raw materials into numerous everyday...
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    Dams and Critical Infrastructure Protection

    Dams and related infrastructure are critical to a nation’s wellbeing, providing Drinking water Irrigation Power generation Flood control Municipal and industrial water supply Income through tourism or recreational activities Industrial waste...
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    Nuclear and Critical Infrastructure Protection

    The security of nuclear sites – both those used for production and for waste – is essential. Incapacitation or destruction could affect national security, economic security, and public health and safety....