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What is Video Management Software (VMS)?

Video management software (VMS) provides real-time security monitoring and playback of video surveillance footage from an on-site, centralized or mobile location. Higher-end systems can also bring in alarms and sensor data from a wide variety of sources, which can be used to notify security personnel of potential security threats.

Video Management Software (VMS) Provides Security Teams:

  • A glance visual summary of security systems
  • Alarm, sensor, and alert monitoring
  • Automatic alerts based on predefined video analytics
  • Real-time monitoring and video playback

Why Choose a VMS:

  • Security guards’ attention is directed to where it is needed
  • Actively monitors sensors, alarms, and motion
  • Allows for unmanned surveillance
  • Regional privacy management options
  • On-site, mobile, or centralized monitoring

VMS Functionality:

Manage digital video feeds locally or remotely:

  • Monitor video feeds and surveillance in real-time
  • Real-time seamless video playback
  • 24-hour recording or set a schedule
  • Simultaneous live feeds with multiple views

Video Monitoring:

  • Security events, alarms, and system status are displayed on GUI
  • Real-time reporting and automatic refresh alerts
  • Allows users to customize rules sensitivity threshold
  • Rules can be configured by zone
  • Configure video panel layouts

Remote Response I/O:

  • VMS works with I/O devices that allow for a remote response from security with remote activation of gates, lights, horns, intercoms or alarms.

Event Management:

  • Events are presented on screen in a list
  • Actions can be defined to provide instruction in an event
  • Push email notifications can alert a list of contacts

Archiving Data:

  • Manage and store data from multiple servers or locations
  • Export all stored data to a local backup device or network storage
  • Schedule automated backups of all data

Playback & Search:

  • Review live feeds or recorded video
  • Search for events, alarms, or alerts
  • Multiple playback speeds
  • Export segments to JPG or AVI formats

VMS integrates with almost any kind of camera system or digital video server. The VMS operates on the digital video server helps reduce bandwidth consumption, power usage, and IT infrastructure.

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