Articles that Enrich and Expand on Physical Security Technologies

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    Advanced Perimeter Security

    Advanced perimeter security can include video analytics, video management, access control, fence sensors, buried sensors, above-ground sensors, security management systems, and physical security measures such as fences, gates, lighting, and barriers....
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    Perimeter Security System

    A perimeter security system offers a buffer time against intruders with its location away from the main building outline or footprint. It also protects areas outside the facility, such as landscaping,...
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    Virtual Fencing

    Governments and organizations have to safeguard their properties, data, and people from unauthorized access. Conventionally, restriction of access to critical infrastructure, information, and other assets was to erect physical barriers such...
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    Perimeter Alarms for Critical Infrastructure

    Critical infrastructure protection requires the installation of security solutions inside and outside the facility perimeter. The main objective behind these types of protection is to detect an intrusion at its earliest...
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    Benefits of Perimeter Alarms

    Perimeter security is designed to keep intruders out or captive within the area that it surrounds. Natural or man-made barriers such as fences or walls can protect entry points like checkpoints....
Maintain Your Perimeter

5 Steps to Eliminate Nuisance Alarms

In this article, we look for the common causes of nuisance alarms generated by outdoor perimeter intrusion detection sensors, with a particular focus on those generated by fence sensors and intrusion-detecting...

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What To Look For in a Fiber Optic Sensor

Fiber optic distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) is an ideal technology for physical security applications. With coverage distances in the tens of kilometers and the ability to detect, locate, and classify disturbances...

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