Articles that Enrich and Expand on Physical Security Technologies

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    Duress Alarm Systems

    Duress alarm systems, often called panic alarms, are crucial security measures designed to provide individuals with a rapid means of calling for assistance during emergencies. These systems are designed to be...
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    Benefits of Personal Duress Systems

    Within a security management infrastructure, monitoring the safety of your staff is an essential component of maintaining health and safety protocols and policies. This can be achieved with the use of...
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    What are Personal Duress Systems?

    The health and safety of your staff and co-workers are particularly important in a security management infrastructure. Personal duress systems are an essential addition to any security framework, especially in scenarios...
Screen shot from Commom Operating Platform video showing different security and operations systems that can be brought together with Symphony

2021 Senstar Year in Review

2021 continued to bring challenges associated with COVID-19, but also marked a major milestone with Senstar celebrating its 40th anniversary. Throughout the year, Senstar focused on our commitment to R&D and...

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