Symphony™ VMS

The benchmark for intelligent video management systems (VMS)

Symphony is a software platform that allows you to control your entire video surveillance system from one central location. Connect and configure cameras, monitor open spaces, implement video analytics, or use centralized cloud management tools for multi-site management.

The newest version of Senstar Symphony is now available.

7.3 enhancements and refinements include:

Better user experience

  • Symphony Windows® client optimized for high resolution displays including 4k
    • 40% improved response time to display live video
    • 50% improved video switching time
  • Improved alarm notification

Improved analytic performance

  • Face Recognition updated with intelligent real-time algorithms to enhance accuracy and security
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition updated to improve accuracy in busy and/or noisy scenes
  • Left and Removed Item Detection updated to improve accuracy in scenes with fluctuating or reflected lighting

Expanded bi-directional integrations

  • Rule engine can be configured to conditionally trigger outputs in Senstar perimeter intrusion detection products, such as controlling Senstar LM100 lighting intensity
  • Rule engine can be configured to conditionally trigger actions, such as locking or unlocking a door in Symphony Access Control

Downloads and release notes are available through XNET.

7.2 enhancements and refinements include:

  • Securely share video clips with 3rd parties with integrated cloud video upload feature
  • Revamped Alarm Console allows for better event management with simplified workflow
  • Seamlessly navigate from camera to camera with Visual Tracking Links
  • PostgreSQL database support
  • Support for access control module

7.1 enhancements and refinements include:

  • HTML5-based viewing client for live video, playback and alarm log
  • Improved integration with Senstar perimeter intrusion detection sensors
  • New integrations such as Bosch alarm panel (B9512G) & S2 access control
  • Out-of-box support for iOS and Android clients
  • Updated Business Intelligence Reports
  • BETA version of automatic license plate recognition detecting EU plates without requiring hardware dongle
  • Video retention included in Enterprise Manager health packet, allowing users to see video storage in days across enterprise deployments

Senstar Symphony Features and benefits

  • High scalability
    Optimized for both recording and streaming video, reduces onsite hardware requirements
  • Web-based administrator
    Dedicated HTML5-based web client, eliminates the need to install and maintain a Windows®-based management client
  • Centralized cloud management
    Using Senstar Enterprise Manager™, can be managed centrally providing software updates, configuration, and health monitoring over multi-site deployments
  • Native analytics
    Analytic applications include motion tracking, auto-PTZ tracking, people counting, and more
  • High security
    Employs SSL encryption on all communications ensures secure deployment
    Penetration testing routinely used to proactively identify and resolve potential security issues
  • Server and storage failover
    Efficiently delivers built-in failover functionality without the need for expensive Microsoft Clustering and extra server
  • Mobile app option
    Seamlessly connects to Symphony™ from anywhere in the world via smartphone or tablet
    View and playback video, control pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, manage I/O devices, receive alarm push notifications, and more


The newest version, Symphony 7 delivers a completely redesigned user experience that simplifies operator workflow and upfront setup time.

Completely Redesigned User Interface
Redesigned interface requires 50% fewer mouse clicks while maintaining the same features that made Symphony an industry leader.

Lowest total cost of ownership VMS on the market
Delivers a 40% increase in client side CPU efficiency, immediately improving performance and offering the smallest hardware footprint of any VMS ever created.

Video Analytics Available for any License Type
Native video analytics can be added to any camera at any time at any VMS license level, reducing deployment complexity while increasing operator efficiency.

High Security Browser-Based System Administration
Seamless, browser-based administration enables administrators to monitor, configure, and update a video network. Built-in SSL encryption makes all communications over the video network more secure than ever before.

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