Prevent Escapes and Keep Staff Safe

Maintaining a secure perimeter and keeping staff safe are critical requirements for prisons and correctional facilities. Senstar has 40 years of experience working with correctional institutions and offers products that are uniquely tailored for their challenging and potentially dangerous environments.

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  • Detect activity along the perimeter, inside and out

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  • Keep staff safe by equipping them with personal duress devices

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  • Manage large camera deployments and direct staff attention to key events

Prevent Escapes

Maintain public safety by detecting perimeter incidents immediately, at the initial stages of an escape attempt. Critical location data from perimeter sensors and video analytics can be used to sound alarms, call-up specific cameras and PTZ locations, and then track subsequent movements. Perimeter sensors and video analytics can be used in a variety of applications, including along fences, walls, buildings, and sally ports, while also taking into account the different physical and operational requirements of low, medium, and high-security facilities.

Perimeter of a corrections facility with tall fence topped with razor wire and a watch tower at the corner to demonstrate Senstar's intrusion detection capabilities

Keep Staff Safe

When faced with threats to their safety, workers in correctional, health, and industrial facilities require the ability to quickly summon help, typically by pushing a button on a personal duress transmitter or by having the transmitter detect a “man-down” event. Given the potential of serious and life-threatening consequences, these systems must be reliable and simple to operate.


Manage Incidents

Comprehensive video surveillance equips correctional officers with critical information for assessing and responding to situations. Senstar video security products do more than just display and record video. In the control room, Senstar’s intuitive Symphony software can direct attention to specific events, link associated cameras together, enforce privacy rules, and track events using PTZ cameras. For post-event investigation, auto-summary, intelligent search, and point-and-click video export features enable staff to quickly collect and share relevant video. For correctional officers stationed throughout the facility, compact video display appliances can provide localized video feeds.

An empty common room at a correctional facility with tables and stools in the foreground and two levels of cells in the background to demonstrate how Senstar's video analytics can help manage incidents

Control Movement

A key requirement within correctional facilities is the ability to control movement. Senstar video and security management software integrates with most access control systems and streamlines the operation of doors and gates. For example, alarms from sensors on sally port gates can be temporarily masked during legitimate events like deliveries while the event is timestamped and recorded in the accompanying video surveillance footage. Inside the facility, requests to open doors can generate notifications within Symphony video management software. Automatically called up cameras enable to the operator to assess the situation and simply click an on-screen control to open the door or engage a two-way intercom.

Correctional facility hallway showing cell doors along the right side and a door on the left side with key card hardware to demonstrate Senstar's access control capabilities

Senstar Solutions

Perimeter Monitoring and Detection

Senstar offers a range of perimeter intrusion detection products, all of which can be used together as part of a multi-layered system. Activity near the perimeter (internal or external) can be detected via buried sensors, microwave sensors, or advanced outdoor video analytics. The fence or wall can be protected by FlexZone, Senstar LM100 or FiberPatrol fence-mounted sensors, while isolation areas between fences can be monitored with UltraWave microwaves or OmniTrax buried RF. These systems were designed with correctional facilities in mind and, in addition to offering the highest rates of detection, incorporate advanced algorithms to reject nuisance alarms generated by environmental conditions like heavy wind or rain. Alarm data from these systems can be linked to video and security management systems, ensuring correctional officers know the precise location of the intrusion attempt.

Perimeter Lighting

Most correctional facilities are well-illuminated at night. However, in addition to causing light pollution, traditional security lighting comes with high on-going energy and maintenance costs. Intelligent perimeter lighting like the Senstar LM100 can reduce energy costs by as much as 95%, requires virtually no maintenance, and includes built-in perimeter intrusion detection capabilities.

Security System Integration

Senstar sensors work with virtually all security systems. Software integrations are available for industry standard video and security management systems, while built-in I/O capabilities ensure that Senstar products can be deployed alongside other security devices, including stun fences, legacy detection systems, loudspeakers, and sirens.

Multi-Layered Protection

Senstar products are designed to work together to provide comprehensive, multi-layered protection. For example, Senstar video analytics can identify authorized maintenance vehicles and temporarily mask gate alarms while outdoor analytics can direct PTZ cameras to record high-definition video of potential intruders before they trigger a fence sensor. In addition to new security capabilities, all events can be managed from single software interface that improves response times and reduces training requirements.

A Broad Portfolio for Site-Specific Solutions

Recognizing that different correctional facilities face different security requirements, Senstar offers a wide range of video management, perimeter intrusion detection, access control, and video analytic solutions. Individually, they provide best-in-class protection; used in combination, they form an integrated, multi-layered solution.

A Broad Portfolio for Site-Specific Solutions

Experience Matters

For over 40 years, Senstar products have been protecting correctional facilities with innovative perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS), video, and personal duress systems. Senstar perimeter intrusion detection products are deployed in all federal medium and maximum-security prisons throughout Canada and at a large number of prisons and jails throughout the U.S. and around the world. To date, there have been no undetected escapes from prisons that use Senstar technologies.