Risk Mitigation Through Security and Business Intelligence

Warehouse, fulfillment and distribution facilities are critical to the operations of a company and require around-the-clock protection. To avoid disruptions and maximize productivity, organizations require solutions that reduce risk from both external and internal threats while providing insight into operations and business processes. By combining video surveillance with analytics, security sensors, and data from logistics systems, organizations can see what is going on, detect abnormalities, and implement corrective actions.

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  • Detect and deter intruders before they cause damage or interfere with operations

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  • Respond effectively to security and operations events using critical information obtained from sensors and surveillance systems

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  • Transform information into business intelligence by collecting data on processes to identify trends and issues

Protect Facilities

Most fences can be bypassed in seconds. By the time intruders are detected by a facility’s security system or personnel, it’s often too late. Camera surveillance systems can assist in early detection, but only if operators know where to look. Detection at the perimeter, be it from fence-mounted sensors or advanced outdoor video analytics, can provide the extra time required to engage deterrence devices or dispatch response forces.

Perimeter view of a large warehouse showing several trucks in line at a checkpoint before moving to loading docks to demonstrate Senstar's instrusion detection capabilities as well as improve logistics of moving goods with video management and analytics

Monitor Operations

In addition to site security, Senstar video management software can be used to increase productivity and improve workplace safety. Video of production lines and daily operations can be linked with metadata from a variety of sources, including vehicle license plates, face recognition, barcodes, manufacturing equipment, and other sensors. In addition to providing real-time information that can be shared with employees via local video displays, the video can be easily recalled for post-incident analysis or quality control purposes.

Boxes on production lines at a logistics facility

Senstar Solutions

Protect the Perimeter

Senstar offers the widest range of perimeter intrusion detection sensors in the industry, ensuring optimal, cost-effective solutions for sites of all sizes and security requirements. Fence-mounted sensors such as FlexZone and FiberPatrol turn an existing fence into a smart fence, while intelligent perimeter lighting like the Senstar LM100 can deter intruders while improving the assessment capabilities of the existing surveillance system.

Integrate with Existing Systems

Senstar sensors work with virtually all security systems. Software integrations are available for industry standard video and security management systems, while built-in I/O capabilities ensure that sensors can report zone, supervision, and equipment status events to on-site intrusion panels or alarm systems.

Deploy Multi-Layered Security

Senstar products are designed to work together to provide comprehensive, multi-layered protection. For example, Senstar video analytics can identify authorized vehicles and temporarily mask gate alarms while outdoor analytics can direct PTZ cameras to record high-definition video of potential intruders before they trigger a fence sensor.

Scale to Your Requirements

Senstar’s Symphony video, security and information management platform is ideal for organizations of all sizes and easily scales to support high camera counts, including deployments with geographically distributed sites. In addition to providing security, video surveillance can provide vital information for injury investigations and employee performance.

Empower Employees with Personalized Video

Keep workers safe and improve productivity by providing employees with access to personalized video feeds of relevant activity. Senstar’s compact Thin Client can be mounted on the back of any monitor and used to display live video of activity on production lines, loading docks, or in warehouses. A fanless device, it is suitable for use in most indoor environments, requires no mouse or keyboard, and can be remotely managed.

Link Video to Quality Assurance Processes

Senstar Symphony can be integrated with manufacturing processes for quality assurance (QA) applications. Symphony can receive metadata from microcontroller-based devices used on the assembly line via a TCP interface and associate it with images or video captured by QA cameras. During the investigation of defects, metadata (such as a container’s tracking number) can be used to call up relevant historical photos or video of the item in question.

Track Vehicles and Deliveries

Using Senstar’s Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology, organizations can track the arrival and departure times of delivery vehicles and feed the data into logistic management systems.

Monitor Warehouse Operations

Reduce internal theft and monitor employee productivity by tracking people and inventory movements. Senstar’s Left and Removed Object Detection analytic can generate events when inventory is added or removed from shelves, while heat maps can reveal activity trends and identify bottlenecks.

A Broad Portfolio for Site-Specific Solutions

Recognizing that different logistics operators face different security requirements, Senstar offers a wide range of video management, perimeter intrusion detection, access control, and video analytic solutions. Individually, they provide best-in-class protection; used in combination, they form an integrated, multi-layered solution.

Render of perimeter intrusion detection and video management products protecting a manufacturing facility

Experience Matters

Senstar systems are deployed at manufacturing and distribution centers around the world, including at some of industry’s largest companies.