Senstar Symphony


Senstar Symphony Clients

Windows® ClientWeb ClientMobile Client Thin Client
Supported operating system/platformWindows® 10Web browseriOS or AndroidLinux appliance
Number of concurrent server connectionsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited1
Customizable user interface*
Graphical timeline***
Hierarchical site navigation*
Camera list navigation***
Visual tracking links (visual overlay hotspots)*
Combine cameras from multiple servers and sites into single layouts*
Multi-monitor support (including 4K)*
Camera sequence**
Panoramic (360-degree) support****
Manually trigger outputs***
Advanced video analytic search (intelligent)with add-on
Integrated messenger*
Integrated alarm console*
Video export* (multi-camera)*
Bookmark events*
Alarm log***
Remote support module*
Multiple languages****
Advanced map support*
Dynamic GIS map support (Enterprise server license)*
Graphical Senstar sensor status with intrusion location *
PTZ Support
Manual movement control****
Point and click control*
Zoom on marked area*
Go to preset positions****
Joystick support**
User Interface
Customizable multi-camera layouts***
Configurable display options (fixed)*
Configurable display options (motion/alarm)**
User Access
User monitoring*
Permissions per user****
Permissions per user group****
Security profiles*
Microsoft Active Directory***
Cross-domain authentication (Enterprise server license)***
Restrict simultaneous logins (Enterprise server license)***
Supervised logins
(Professional/Enterprise server license)
Login Report*
Alarm counts and statistics*
Object count reports (e.g. people, vehicles)with add-on
Heat map reportwith add-on
ALPR Reportwith add-on

Senstar Symphony Server

Standard License
(single server)
Enterprise License
(high availability)
Supported operating systemsWindows® 10, Server 2012, 2016, 2019
Number of cameras per server10241024
Number of concurrent client connectionsunlimitedunlimited
Multi-server (server farm)*
HTML5-compliance web client**
Mobile application (iOS, Apple)**
Server virtualization**
2-way audio**
Unicast, multicast and multistream support**
Network video support (MJPEG/MPEG-4/H.264)**
Device packs**
Automatic software updates**
Multilanguage support**
Customizable user access levels**
Time-based access to recorded video**
Automatic server failover*
Video wall*
Storage and Archiving
Record locally or to edge/network storage**
Record on motion (from camera), schedule, alarm and continuous**
Redundant recording*
Failover recording*
Automatic camera detection**
Centralized device management**
Automatic configuration backups**
Uninterrupted configuration changes**
Remote diagnostics**
SNMP health monitoring**
CPU overload protection*
Cloud managementRequires Senstar Enterprise Manager
External I/O devices**
Generic events via TCP/IP**
ONVIF temperature events**
Alarm panel**
Access controlSymphony AC only*
Server API/SDK*
OPC data access support*
Alerts and Notifications
Mobile devices (iOS and Android)**
I/O devices**
Email notification, FTP, TCP**
Privacy Controls
Granular user permisions and security profiles**
Two-person rules**
Time-based access to video**
PTZ and device access permisions**
Dynamic and static privacy masks**
Create masks during video export**