Protect Above and Below-Ground Infrastructure

The security of energy infrastructure and assets are essential to a nation’s economic and environmental wellbeing. From initial extraction to end-point deliveries, the production chain relies on safe extraction, refining, and distribution across great distances. Pipelines and associated above-ground infrastructure along the chain are vulnerable to theft and sabotage. Senstar, with its broad portfolio of video management software, perimeter intrusion detection sensors, access control software, and intelligent video analytics, offers innovative, flexible solutions to protect oil and gas assets and improve resilience while meeting operational and regulatory requirements.

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  • Detect and deter intruders before they can cause damage to above-ground infrastructure. Receive early warning of potential threats to buried pipelines

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  • Ensure system confidence with field-proven equipment that is simple to operate and maintain

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  • Streamline operations by integrating intrusion detection, video surveillance and access control

Buried Pipelines

One of the most critical elements of the energy production chain is the transmission pipeline itself. The principal danger to buried pipelines is from Third-Party Interference (TPI), in which a person or persons intentionally or unintentionally threaten the pipeline by digging, exposing, or tampering. Intentional TPI occurs for two main reasons – to steal product (via hot tapping) or to disrupt distribution by sabotaging the flow of product. Regardless of motive, a single pipeline incident can have devastating effects, causing property destruction, service interruptions, environmental damage and risks to human life – all of which can cost pipeline operators millions of dollars in financial losses. Further, incidents involving oil theft can have a significant economic impact by going unnoticed for long periods of time.

Pipeline laid in trench awaiting burial to demonstrate Senstar's third party interference detection capabilities

Above Ground Infrastructure

Perimeter breaches at above-ground facilities can have severe consequences, including service disruptions, spills and other environmental damages, equipment theft, and intruder injury. That’s why Senstar security products are used around the world to protect facilities of all sizes, from large oil and gas plants or distribution centers to remotely located wells.

Large pumping station with several pipes and oil barrels enclosed by a fenced perimeter to demonstrate Senstar's perimeter intrusion detection capabilities

Senstar Solutions

Advanced Warning of Pipeline Threats

Senstar’s FiberPatrol FP1150 buried sensor is designed specifically to detect, locate and classify activities that threaten your pipeline: machine or manual digging, heavy machinery operating in the nearby vicinity—even people walking within the protected area. By knowing the exact location (zone, cable distance or GPS coordinates), operators can initiate an immediate response. If the sensor cable is cut, not only is the location known, but the sensor retains its sensing abilities right up to the point of the cut (in redundant configurations, complete cut-immunity is supported).

Early Detection at the Perimeter

Most fences can be bypassed in seconds. By the time intruders are detected by your facility’s security system or personnel, it’s often too late. Camera surveillance systems can assist in early detection, but only if they know where to look. Detection at the perimeter, be it from fence-mounted sensors or advanced outdoor video analytics, can provide the extra time required to engage deterrence devices or dispatch response forces.

Multi-Layered Protection

Senstar products are designed to work together to provide comprehensive, multi-layered protection. For example, Senstar video analytics can identify authorized maintenance vehicles and temporarily mask gate alarms while outdoor analytics can direct PTZ cameras to record high-definition video of potential intruders before they trigger a fence sensor. In addition to new security capabilities, all events can be managed from single software interface that improves response times and reduces training requirements.

Protecting Remote or Unmanned Sites

Senstar sensors and video management software can not only help to deter intruders in the first place but can improve situational awareness for remote monitoring personnel:

  • Automatically engage deterrence devices like security lights, intercoms, or sirens
  • Direct PTZ cameras to the intrusion location and auto-track intruders within the facility
  • Provide local security forces with still images or live video via email, SMS, or mobile apps
  • Avoid nuisance alarms by rejecting distributed events generated by environmental conditions
  • Avoid unnecessary maintenance visits with hardware redundancy and comprehensive remote management software

Security System Integration

Senstar sensors can work with virtually all security systems. Software integrations are available for industry standard video and security management systems, while built-in I/O capabilities ensure that sensors can report zone, supervision, and equipment status events to on-site intrusion panels or alarm systems.

Scalable Video Management

Senstar’s Symphony video, security and information management platform is ideal for organizations that manage high numbers of cameras, including those with geographically distributed sites such as electrical substations or cellular towers. Symphony also supports edge-based video storage, ensuring critical video is not lost in case of a communications failure.

A Broad Portfolio for Site-Specific Solutions 

Recognizing that different oil and gas operators face different security requirements, Senstar offers a wide range of video management, perimeter intrusion detection, access control, and video analytic solutions. Individually, they provide best-in-class protection; used in combination, they form an integrated, multi-layered solution. 

Render of perimeter intrusion detection and video management products protecting an oil and gas facility

Experience Matters

Senstar’s extensive portfolio of solutions can be found protecting pipelines and related above ground infrastructure worldwide, including refineries, storage yards, distribution centers, and well heads.