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Communications and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)

What is the Communications Sector?

The communications sector is an integral component of every economy that cuts across businesses, public safety organizations, and government.

Private sectors work with governments to provide, predict, respond and anticipate diverse, competitive, and interconnected wireless transmission systems.

Communications and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)

All facets of communication now rely on each other. Wireless, satellite and wired providers depend on one another to carry their traffic across the country without a hitch–which is crucial when disaster strikes. Protection is imperative to avoid response and recovery efforts in the event of a crisis.

Perimeter security protection against communication security threats may include:


Detect unwanted activity and receive early warning of approaching people or vehicles to detect perimeter breaches with fence sensors, motion sensors, and/or video analytics.


Stop intruders is by deterring them through the systematic deployment of fences, security lighting (both internal and along the perimeter), signage, two-way intercoms, and other security mechanisms.


Keeping your entire communication perimeter fence well maintained is crucial for defending against intruders because you can slow down or even stop them from entering into an area where they could cause damage, steal confidential information, or harm coworkers.


Responding to an intruder, assessing the situation, and interrupting or apprehending them if needed. Alert security personnel to inform law enforcement as quickly as possible.

What Senstar Offers

Senstar has been protecting critical infrastructure around the world for more than 40 years.

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