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Chemical Sector Security and Protection

What is the Chemical Sector?

The chemical sector is a global, complex supply chain. This sector is essential to modern life because chemical facilities convert various raw materials into numerous every day products.

The sector is divided into five main segments:

  • Basic chemicals
  • Specialty chemicals
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer products

The segments are based on the end product’s distinct characteristics, growth dynamics, markets, new developments, and issues.

So, why is it imperative to protect and secure this sector?

Chemical facilities manufacture, store, use, and transport potentially dangerous chemicals. Other sectors and players also rely on the use and distribution of these chemicals. The public and private sectors alike need to engage in utmost vigilance to secure these chemicals against growing and evolving threats – such as terrorism.

Perimeter security protection of this critical infrastructure sector may include:


Fence sensors on the perimeter will detect attempts to cut, climb, or otherwise break through a fence. Motion sensors will detect activity both inside and outside and warn you when approaching people or vehicles are detected. These sensors can also provide early warning to unauthorized entry at sensitive outdoor areas, such as gates and doors.

Video analytics can also intelligently identify and track activity both near and inside the perimeter


The best way to deter intruders is through a systematic, well-organized, and thought-out deployment of fences, security lighting both internal and along the perimeter, signage, two-way intercoms, and other security mechanisms.


The perimeter fence should be well maintained to delay intrusions. All entrances must have high-quality anti-tamper hardware for security personnel to get there before any damage or theft can occur.


Response to intruders, situational assessment, and interruption and/or apprehension is important. Security personnel should be immediately alerted to an incident.

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