People Counter

Accurate Counts Every Time

People Counter is an embedded video analytic optimized for indoor usage that counts the number of people passing through an egress point. An edge-based analytic, it runs on Axis network cameras to minimize server-side storage, CPU, and network requirements. Organizations can use the data to identify traffic trends and make decisions for improving safety, security, and loss prevention. People Counter is ideal for retail environments, schools, banks, recreational facilities, prisons, and airports.
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Obtain Data for Conversion Rate and Opportunity Analysis

Collect real-world data about the number of customers that visit a building every day and use it to make better decisions regarding staffing levels, product offerings, and business hours. By linking accurate people counts against point-of-sale (POS) data, organizations can generate valuable conversion rate data and make informed business decisions.

Enhance Axis Cameras

The People Counter video analytic runs on the Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP) and requires a camera with an ARTPEC3 or higher CPU.

Works with Symphony and Third-Party Video Software

The People Counter video analytic supports rules that enable alarms to be triggered directly from the camera based on the number of people in an area. When used with Senstar Symphony, the analytic enables summary videos, dynamic reporting and video search.

People counting functionality is also included as part of the Senstar Symphony-based Indoor People Tracking analytic.

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