Security Digest

Enhance Remote Monitoring Services by Adding On-Site Intelligence

Live, remote monitoring services have proven their value, time and time again, by using their expertise to proactively detect and deter intruders at client sites. Traditionally, security-as-a-service has relied on on-site surveillance technology and operator assessment, with outdoor perimeter alarms being generated via basic video analytics that detect scene changes. However, these approaches can lead to high numbers of nuisance alarms and missed detections, and require that operators remain constantly alert and focused, a substantial cognitive challenge as workloads increase to handle larger client bases. With detection failures leading to potential trespassing, theft and vandalism incidents (and resulting customer dissatisfaction), any detection failure is too many. 

Another issue facing security monitoring services is remaining competitive in a changing market. Between increasing competition, low-cost offshore services, and customer DIY solutions, monitoring services need to offer value-added services that differentiate themselves – in other words, increase competitiveness by offering value-added services that enhance security capabilities and provide increased peace-of-mind to clients. 

Senstar, a well-established leader in security and sensing technologies, offers a comprehensive portfolio of perimeter intrusion detection sensors, video and security management solutions, video analytics, and access control software. Our sensors and systems support open interfaces and certified integrations, enabling them to be deployed alongside existing on-site systems and remotely monitored from security operations centers (SOCs). While the different products and systems have specific security functions, their overall benefit remains the same — providing monitoring personnel with additional on-site intelligence and increased deterrence capabilities. 

Intelligence at the Perimeter 

When an intrusion occurs, a quick, efficient response is critical. If a site relies on only building intrusion sensors to generate an alarm, it’s already too late as the intruder is inside the building. Even inside-the-perimeter detection can be too late for sites like storage yards or construction areas where valuable equipment and supplies are stored outside. 

Detection at the perimeter, be it from a fence sensor or a video analytic, alerts monitoring personnel of the intrusion as it is occurring, while the intruder is still outside sensitive areas. In addition, the location data can be used for automatic camera call-up, which reduces operator assessment times, as well as the engagement of automatic deterrents, such as security lighting or intercoms.  

Intelligence at the Perimeter

Fence sensors can easily be added to existing perimeter fences, while higher end outdoor-optimized video analytics can be added to existing cameras. These security enhancements can be provided to the client as turnkey solutions, without requiring extensive expertise on their end. Once calibrated, they should provide years of service, while annual site security audits can ensure their investments are well-protected. 

False (or nuisance) alarms are a major concern for monitoring services. Senstar has invested heavily in developing technologies that reduce if not eliminate nuisance alarms. Our fence sensors use highly tuned algorithms that reject disturbances caused by wind or adverse environmental conditions, while our Outdoor People and Vehicle Tracking analytics use object classification to avoid generating alarms caused by vegetation movement. These enhancements reduce nuisance alarms dramatically and have excellent in-field track records. 

For clients with problematic sites, namely those that experience large numbers of intrusions or generate unacceptable nuisance alarms rates, Senstar offers Sensor Fusion, an advanced system that synthesizes low-level data from both sensors and video analytics to intelligently characterize risk. Transparent to the operator and included as part of the Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform, Sensor Fusion can defeat nuisance alarms once and for all, ensuring that any alarm generated at the SOC is a valid one that requires an immediate response.  

Intelligent Lighting: Deter, Detect, and Assess 

Intelligent perimeter lighting is an ideal way to improve detection, deterrence, and assessment capabilities. The Senstar LM100 Intrusion Detection and Deterrence System provides both intrusion detection and illumination along the perimeter. Not only are intruders detected, the Senstar LM100 luminaires can instantly illuminate and strobe at the intrusion location, letting intruders know they are detected and well-illuminated for video assessment.  

In addition, the luminaires can follow pre-programmed scheduling, ensuring the remote monitoring station has proper visibility of the perimeter at night. The luminaires use low-power LEDs, which can save the client up to 80% of electrical costs when compared to other security lighting options. 

Classify and Track People and Vehicles 

Perimeter sensors are ideal for detecting when a crime is occurring; however, it’s also beneficial to track movement inside and outside the perimeter, as well as differentiate between people and vehicles. This is an area where video analytics really shine – they can track and auto-display video feeds showing intruder movements, effectively creating hands-free operation while the operator handles other tasks, such as triggering alarms and additional security lighting, engaging with the intruders via intercom systems, and/or notifying authorities.   

Again, as with intelligent lighting, detailed assessment of the situation and interaction with the intruder is key – an area where live, remote monitoring staff can add exceptional value for clients. It’s important to note however that not all video analytics are created equal. Traditional motion-detection analytics (often included on the cameras themselves) have difficulty with vegetation movement, shadows and vehicle headlights. It’s important to offer clients higher performing technologies that avoid the high rate of nuisance alarms associated with low-end systems. 

Remote Management of On-Premises Equipment 

Simplified, remote management of client on-premises equipment is critical, as frequent technician visits are costly and erode client confidence. Senstar offers “one-box” solutions, ultra-reliable equipment with extended service lifespans, cloud-based camera and service monitoring, and remote configuration and calibration capabilities. These capabilities simplify the deployment process, ensuring that adding on-site intelligence does add additional operational complexity. 

Value-Added Solutions for Clients 

Clients select security-as-a-service solutions to protect themselves from crime, not for surveillance cameras to passively record events. Adding sensing technology to client sites provides the capability to immediately direct operator attention to real threats and empower them with the information they need to take proper action, be it engaging in deterrence activities, notifying policing services and/or carefully documenting events for post-incident analysis. Senstar, with its extensive experience, in-depth industry knowledge, and comprehensive security portfolio, can help make this happen.