Security Management System

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StarNet is a feature-rich Security Management System (SMS) optimized for the management and operation of perimeter protection and intrusion detection systems. Organized around a visual, map-based interface, StarNet provides a streamlined user experience for operators handling everything from daily routines to crisis situations, enabling organizations to reduce reaction times, improve efficiency and safeguard personnel and property.

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Security Management Features

  • Visual, textual, and audio notification of alarms and events
  • Granular permissions, user roles, and audit logs
  • Rules engine for event and schedule-based actions

Icon of computer screen with map and pin representing Senstar software's map-centric interface

Streamlined Map-Centric Interface

  • Map-based display streamlines information for operators
  • Displays precise intrusion location based on sensor data
  • Intuitive event management (acknowledge, mask, clear, workstation routing, annotate)
  • On-screen I/O controls

Icon of cog wheels in close proximity representing Senstar's ability to streamline operations by integrating intrusion detection, video surveillance and access control

Complete Sensor Integration

  • Works out-of-the-box with Senstar sensors
  • Integrates with Symphony and other video management software
  • Custom integrations available

How It Works

StarNet is optimized to display and manage critical information from Senstar’s suite of perimeter intrusion detection sensors, enabling operators to quickly response to security incidents. The map-based display shows zone and sensor status along with detailed location data. Operators can click directly on the map to access functions specific to each sensor.

Security guard sitting at desk in front of screens from Senstar's StarNet security managment systems

StarNet Features

Feature-Rich SMS

During an event, StarNet displays on-screen procedural information. The operator must acknowledge the completion of each task as well as select outcome results from pre-configured lists. All actions and response times are logged for future analysis. The operator may also document each alarm event with time stamped notes. If an alarm is not acknowledged or reset within a specific time frame, the system can trigger an alarm escalation rule.

Minimal Training Requirements

StarNet is optimized for operator workflows and can be customized with terminology specific to your site. The application’s interface is easy to use and familiar to operators; operators simply click on a flashing sensor to acknowledge it or select it from a sortable list. Alarms and events can be sorted by different criteria and be configured to be displayed or processed only on specific workstations.

Visual Site Creation Tools

StarNet provides a point-and-click setup tool that lets administrators quickly configure their site:

  • Select your own images or drawings to use as maps
  • Place sensors and control points on the maps
  • Customize workflows and rules

Open, Flexible Architecture

StarNet runs commercial off-the-shelf Windows® PCs, enabling system administrators can leverage their existing IT knowledge for backup and data management processes. For smaller organizations, it may run on a single combined server/client PC while larger organizations may deploy multiple workstations in different locations.

Video System Integration

StarNet integrates with Symphony and other third-party video surveillance systems. Each security sensor can be linked with a specific camera. Whenever the sensor enters a specific state, StarNet can trigger the video management system to generate an alarm or call up a specific camera stream.

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