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Types of PTZ Cameras

Outdoor PTZ Camera

Outdoor PTZ cameras are designed for more extreme outdoor conditions and weather. Outdoor PTZ cameras are typically encased in a waterproof exterior with an IP rating that indicates they provide adequate protection against natural elements, such as rain or snow.

Wireless PTZ Camera

Wireless PTZ cameras are a popular way to transmit video surveillance footage over long distances where running cable would be difficult or expensive and can even provide better viewing angles than wired solutions when used in tight spaces.

IP PTZ Camera

PTZ Internet Protocol (IP) cameras offer many advantages over traditional analog PTZs because they can be installed wirelessly without necessarily relying on hardwired connections.

PoE PTZ Camera

A PoE (Power over ethernet) PTZ camera needs only one wire because it can plug itself right onto any standard wall socket and start receiving both power and internet connection.

Analog PTZ Camera

Surveillance footage is captured via analog PTZ security cameras and recorded to a digital video recorder (DVR). DVR support is required to convert, process, and store footage information.

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