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Characteristics of PTZ

The flexibility and power of PTZ cameras are unmatched by other video surveillance camera types. Here are some common characteristics of PTZ Cameras.


The user is able to control the PTZ camera with precision and ease through a desktop joystick.

Software Controlled

One of the many benefits of using software to control a PTZ camera is that you can access them remotely from a laptop, iPad/iPhone, Android device, or another smartphone. You also get more flexibility in how they are set up and controlled on an individual basis as well.

Remote Controlled

The cameras can be operated from remote locations over the Internet or your smartphone. You may need to install an app on your device before you start operating them, but they are straightforward to use, even for people who have never used a DVR system.

Automatic Tours

Programmable presets allow cameras to conduct surveillance on their own, automatically panning and tilting as they sweep through pre-determined viewing locations before moving onto the next preset.

Low Light

PTZ cameras have low light capture feature providing clarity in almost no light.

Night Vision

There are PTZ cameras with built-in infrared that will allow capture in no light situations.

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