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Perimeter Security

There is an increasing need to safeguard people, places, and property in today’s world. Perimeter security protection is becoming more challenging to attain when organizations and businesses contend with securing large areas with extended boundaries and multiple intrusion points.

What is Perimeter Security?

Perimeter security or perimeter protection is a security solution that utilizes physical and software technology systems to protect from unauthorized access and intrusion, with the goal of detecting and deterring unwanted intrusions, to prevent theft, vandalism and risks to public safety.

Advanced Perimeter Security

Advanced perimeter security can include video analytics, video management, access control, perimeter intrusion detection sensors including fence sensors, buried sensors and above-ground sensors. They also include security management systems, and physical security measures such as fences, gates, lighting, and barriers. The deployment of a customized perimeter security strategy will depend on the assets to be protected, the type of intrusion risk and the environment.

Multi-Layered Perimeter Security System

Fortunately, multi-layered perimeter security solutions are available that utilize intrusion detection sensors, infrared, CCTV cameras, video analytics, and video and security management systems (VMS/SMS) to deter and defend against potential threats and attacks.

A layered perimeter security system includes passive and active measures to protect vulnerable or critical infrastructure. Fences, walls, and bollards are passive barriers that limit physical access to a property or area. However, without proper active monitoring, passive measures can be defeated.

Active security measures, layer monitoring, detection, and response capabilities to any perimeter security solution. These include:

Perimeter Security System

A perimeter security system offers a buffer time against intruders with its location away from the main building outline or footprint. It also protects areas outside the facility, such as landscaping, loading docks, and outdoor equipment. The security fence acts as an effective first line of defence by having sensors that mark your outer boundary while giving you warning about any trespassers who try to enter your property illegally.

Perimeter Security Benefits

Proper end-to-end perimeter security protection requires a customized approach that utilizes a combination of passive and active security measures. Benefits include:

  • Decreased intrusion and attacks
  • Increased response times
  • Reduced risk
  • Increased safety
  • Peace of mind

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