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Advanced Perimeter Security

Advanced perimeter security can include video analytics, video management, access control, fence sensors, buried sensors, above-ground sensors, security management systems, and physical security measures such as fences, gates, lighting, and barriers. The deployment of a customized perimeter security strategy will depend on the assets to be protected and the type of intrusion risk.

The main objectives of advanced perimeter security include the following.


The first step is to detect activity along the perimeter, inside and out, while receiving early warnings of authorized and unauthorized people or vehicles.


Next, it is important to deter would-be intruders through the systematic deployment of physical and electronic security systems. Avoiding incidents in the first place is always the best outcome.


A proper security system will increase the chance security forces can respond before damage, theft, or personal injury can occur.


Assessment of threats at the perimeter will allow security staff to respond effectively to security and operational incidents. Information, analytics and intelligence obtained from sensors and surveillance systems are critical.


Communicating with security forces and providing information critical for a coordinated response is also an important function of an advanced perimeter security system.


Finally, advanced perimeter security includes following documented procedures and the best practices to assess, interrupt and apprehend an intruder.

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