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Security Lighting

Lighting is an essential component of every perimeter security installation. It is usually the first line of defense at the security fence or wall line. Lights deter intruders from attempting to breach the perimeter, improve early detection, and limit intruder movements while security staff mobilizes.

Benefits of Perimeter Security Lighting

  • Increased distance monitoring
  • Increased movement detection
  • Increased clarity for CCTV cameras
  • Deter intrusion attempts
  • Peace of mind

Deterring and Detecting Threats

Exterior security lighting is used in conjunction with fencing, guards, and access control systems and are excellent psychological deterrents against would-be intruders. Security staff that patrol the grounds at night need low-level lights for patrolling while also limiting their visibility to intruders.

A wide range of exterior security lighting allows for more effective and reliable surveillance. Light at low levels can help to enhance the vision of security forces by contrasting objects with their surroundings, which is ideal in harsh conditions such as fog or darkness. In addition, this type of light minimizes glare and does not interfere with automated monitoring systems like CCTV cameras.

Types of Security Lighting

  • Continuous Lighting
    Continuous lighting floods a given area with overlapping cones of light.
  • Standby Lighting
    Fence sensors or manual input are used trigger lights when suspicious activity is detected.
  • Emergency Lighting
    Powered by a battery or generator, emergency lighting is used when normal lighting fails.
  • Portable Lighting
    These are temporary lights that are usually manual and movable.

Security Lighting Placement

Factors that affect the effectiveness of security lighting include:

  • Height of the light fixture
  • Illuminance
  •  Light trespass
  • Direct glare
  • Light uniformity

Senstar LM100: Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Deterrence System

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