Senstar Symphony 7

Intelligent Video, Security, and Information Platform

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Senstar Symphony 7 software delivers an all-in-one solution for video, security, and information management. Senstar Symphony works with cameras from all major manufacturers, scales to deployments of any size, and is easy to use and configure. With built-in support for industry-leading video analytics, perimeter intrusion detection sensors, and access control devices, Senstar Symphony 7 is a highly versatile and cost-effective video surveillance and video management platform.

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Intelligent Video Management for Any Organization

Senstar Symphony’s open platform supports cameras from all vendors and easily scales to any size, with multi-vendor camera support, scaling to support thousands of cameras, and simple per-camera licensing (no client or server limitations).

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Common, Unified Security Interface

With video, alarm management and access control in one interface, Senstar Symphony streamlines security operations. Manage alarms from Senstar and third-party security sensors and devices, integrate with access control, and centralize security operations for multiple sites.

Man in control room overlooking tire manufacturing center shown Senstar Symphony information management capabilities

Leverage your Security Surveillance System to Obtain Business Intelligence

With built-in video analytics, industrial micro-controller interfaces, and video search via meta-data, Senstar Symphony transforms video surveillance into an intelligent-gathering security surveillance system. Detect abnormalities in business processes, track customer behavior, and investigate QA incidents.

Enhancements and Refinements

  • Option for PostgresSQL high availability – Enables enterprise-grade high availability without the need for expensive and complex Microsoft Clustering
  • Aggregated people counting – Merge cameras with people counting lines to aggregate, display and alarm on
  • Privacy mask on export – At export, create a privacy mask if not already existing in the configuration
  • Export into multi-view – Automatically create a multi-view of exported cameras using a3u file extension
  • Device commands in context menus – Right clicking in the device tree produces a list of applicable commands that can be sent to the device
  • New rule extension – set an event and combine it with AND NOT for more complex scenarios
  • Camera field of view displays alarms – Flash camera’s field of view on map when camera triggers an alarm
  • Filters and groups for events

Senstar Symphony Features

Open Ecosystem

Senstar Symphony installs on standard commercial off-the-shelf hardware and supports thousands of network devices as well as ONVIF profiles S and T. Senstar Symphony integrates with a wide variety of security and access control products, while its RESTful API and TCP/IP listener services enable it to interact with virtually any network-based device.

Web-Based Administration

Senstar Symphony administration is handled via a browser-based client, eliminating the need to install and maintain a separate Windows® management application. The client can be accessed anywhere in the world over high security SSL encryption. Reusable templates and rules speed up the configuration of large deployments.

Native Analytics

Direct operator attention to key events via Senstar Symphony’s built-in video analytics. Server and edge-based analytics are seamlessly supported, as well as third-party applications through the metadata engine (see Video Analytics for more information).

Intelligent Search and Investigation

Senstar Symphony includes a graphical timeline and intelligent search. By leveraging events and metadata generated by its video analytics and linked systems, operators can quickly find, review, and export video containing specific events or people. Comprehensive reports, including operator activity, event history, and video analytic results, can also be generated.

Easy to Use Operator Interfaces

Senstar Symphony includes a full-featured Windows®-based client, a HTML5-client web client, a thin client hardware appliance, and mobile apps (iOS and Android). With Senstar Symphony’s camera-based licensing scheme, you can install and use as many clients as you want. The Windows® client includes a full-featured alarm console that links individual alarms from video analytic, intrusion detection, and access control systems to multiple cameras as well as a graphical map, enabling operators to obtain full situation awareness during security events.

Scalable, High-Performance Architecture

Senstar Symphony’s unique architecture simplifies deployment planning, reduces server costs, and is highly scalable:

  • Optimized for all VMS functions (video, management and analytics), Senstar Symphony does not require dedicated servers for specific functions
  • Built-in server redundancy and automatic failover avoids complex and costly Windows® Clustering requirements
  • Support additional cameras simply by adding additional server resources—no reconfiguration or licensing scheme changes required

Privacy + Cybersecurity

Senstar Symphony was designed from the outset with data privacy and security in mind. Fine-tuned user permissions, along with intelligent people and vehicle masking, assists Senstar Symphony operators to meet data privacy regulations. All client-server communications are encrypted using industry best-practices.

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