Keep operations, goods and people safe and moving

Transportation infrastructure and assets represent a vital economic engine for many cities and countries, making them prime targets for vandals, thieves and terrorists. 

Senstar’s perimeter intrusion detection products provide early warning of unauthorized entry into sensitive areas of airports, mass transit & rail systems, ports and harbors, tunnels, bridges and terminals.

Senstar’s video management and analytic technologies can help identify suspicious behavior and persons of interest, streamline operations, and centralize IT management in the cloud, saving time and money.

Key benefits include:

  • Monitoring and securing locations
  • Identifying persons of interest immediately
  • Detecting left and removed items
  • Gathering intelligence about operations, crowds and vehicles
  • Centralized management of security and surveillance systems

Applicable solutions

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  • Airports Brochure
  • Major US Airport Perimeter Protection Case Study
  • Symphony and Brazil Airports Case Study
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