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Perimeter Security Protection for the Nuclear Sector

The security of nuclear sites – both those used for production and for waste – is essential. Incapacitation or destruction could affect national security, economic security, and public health and safety.

This sector includes:

1. Research and test reactors. Used for a wide range of applications, including testing materials that can withstand high radiation levels. These reactors produce medical isotopes for hospitals and industrial isotopes used in the production of radiopharmaceuticals that are crucial to diagnosing cancer and other diseases.

2. Nuclear fuel cycle facilities. Actively recycle uranium, converting fission products back into reusable fuel.

3. Licensees of radioactive materials. Sources of radiation used for medical diagnostics and treatment in hospitals. Special security measures are taken to prevent theft and/or sabotage, and protect transportation workers during the shipment of radioactive material.

The primary objectives of perimeter security protection for the nuclear sector include detection, deterrence, delay, assessment, communication, and response.

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