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Perimeter Security System

A perimeter security system offers a buffer time against intruders with its location away from the main building outline or footprint. It also protects areas outside the facility, such as landscaping, loading docks, and outdoor equipment. The security fence acts as an effective first line of defense by having sensors that mark your outer boundary while giving you peace of mind about any trespassers who try to enter your property illegally.

Perimeter security is also about securing the areas outside of your facility. You should protect them and make sure that they are safe for employees to work in every day, such as parking lots, landscaping, or outdoor equipment.

Advantages include:

  • Early warning for trespassers
  • Triggering deterrents like sirens, strobe lights, and other measures to sway intruders
  • Transforming security fencing into “Smart Barriers” or “Smart Fences”
  • Increased ROI (Return of investment)

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