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Drilling Platform Protection and Security

For any nation to be prosperous and sustainable, it needs secure oil and gas infrastructure. Oil is an essential component of many aspects that make up everyday life:

  • Transportation systems such as cars or ships
  • Energy sources for homes with heating capabilities
  • Processed food items found in grocery stores

From initial drilling to end-point deliveries, the production chain relies on safe extraction, refining, and distribution across great distances.

An oil drilling platform is a large structure used in the offshore exploration and production of petroleum and natural gas. A typical platform is made up of a base, column, derrick, living quarters, control room, mud pits, and tanks.

Oil drilling platforms are critical infrastructures that require prudent security measures for protection. Terrorists or hostile groups could vandalize an offshore platform by damaging or disabling its equipment or spilling oil into the ocean.

A Systematic Approach To The Security of Oil Drilling Platforms:

Avoidance of security incidents in the first place is always the best practice. Security barriers help you deter any security breaches.

Security technology can reliably detect intrusion attacks and notify your team.

Detection at the perimeter provides additional time for security forces to delay intruders by having supplementary barriers. That’s where a multi-layered solution gains importance.

Detection and delaying mechanisms provide additional time for security forces to assess the situation. An effective response requires that the right people have the right data at the right time. Integrating video management systems with perimeter sensors maximizes situational awareness.

Communication and information sharing across your security forces are vital in preparing a response.

Engage response force – on-site, remote operators, or law enforcement agencies.

Recognizing that different oil and gas utility operators face different security requirements, Senstar provides best-in-class protection with a wide range of video management, perimeter intrusion detection and access control solutions. Combined, they form an integrated, multi-layered solution to securing oil and gas operations.

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