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ALPRs and Data Collection

Some Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR) can capture the make and model of vehicles, along with location and time stamps. ALPRs can collect thousands of license plates per minute which is extremely useful for finding suspicious, lost, or stolen vehicles rapidly.

ALPR data can reveal the speed and direction a subject travelled based on triangulation. Historical travel data may be derived by aggregating the data over time. With the appropriate algorithms applied to the data, law enforcement and surveillance security staff have access to predictive analytics to plan traffic stops or respond more quickly when an emergency occurs. The system can even predict where drivers may be going based on regular patterns of driving behaviour.

A subject or driver’s personal information can be cross-referenced with additional information databases available to law enforcement or security personnel.

In addition to capturing license plate data, ALPRs can capture images of vehicle occupants and immediate surroundings. Using facial recognition technology in tandem may help identify individuals of concern and mitigate threats or unwanted intrusions.

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