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Visibility and Security Lighting

With vision playing such a crucial role in the decision-making process, it is not surprising that security lighting facilitates our ability to see. With better visibility of the environment and surroundings, security staff is more likely to make decisions accordingly.

Key factors affecting visibility include:


Illuminance is the density of light that impinges (falls on) a surface. The primary unit of measurement for illuminance is lux (metric) or footcandle. The two primary planes for measuring illuminance are horizontal and vertical. Horizontal illumination is essential for surfaces such as parking lots, grounds, and rooftops. Vertical illumination is important for the identification of people.


Lighting uniformity refers to the evenness of the lighting of a particular area and is vital for security perception. Having to adjust your eyes to different lighting levels could decrease perception and detection.


The benefits of security lighting are significantly reduced by glare. Glare causes:

  • loss of visibility
  • annoyance
  • visual discomfort


Shadows reduce the effectiveness and impair security lighting, making it difficult for security staff to maintain quality surveillance.

Security is compromised in dark areas where security lights can’t sufficiently illuminate objects and people’s faces. Shadows impair proper surveillance by security staff.

Lighting Zones

Security lighting designers often divide lighting a facility into different lighting zones, each with specific surveillance and security requirements. Common zones include:

  • Total Site Lighting
  • Pedestrian Zones
  • Paths
  • Building Zones
  • Perimeter Zones

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