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Benefits of IP Video

Benefits of IP Video

Analog CCTV video surveillance has been a legacy standard within the security industry for many years. IP-based technologies and supporting software have drastically improved over time within the video surveillance market, making digital video surveillance more appealing to many organizations. Here are some of the benefits:

Reduction of Loss, Theft, and Vandalism

Current digital video cameras are highly cost-effective and have impressive resolution, clarity and field of view specifications. High-quality video helps law enforcement by providing evidence to prosecute suspects, while companies are able to curb loss and reduce incidents of trespassing, vandalism, and theft.

Ease of Installation and Implementation

Digital video surveillance systems require less hardware to operate, have less of a footprint, offer wireless solutions, and contain embedded security software. ONVIF-compliance cameras are able to interface with a wide range of video management systems, preventing vendor lock-in.

Improved Accessibility and Storage

Antiquated technology to store security footage is continually being replaced with digital storage solutions that can either be on-site or at an alternate location. Accessibility of this information has given rise to remote monitoring and surveillance systems and infrastructure.

Remote Monitoring

Digital surveillance systems have given rise to the consolidation of surveillance feeds from anywhere in the world, accessible at any time, from almost any type of device, including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

Scalability and Greater ROI

Digital video surveillance systems require less physical infrastructure and fewer cameras to cover the same area as compared to their analog counterpart. Along with the reduced cost of storage, organizations can realize a faster return of investment on their security infrastructure costs. Furthermore, with respect to scalability, a growing organization can integrate additional IP cameras as needed into their network from multiple locations.

Save Time and Money with Intelligent Video Analytics

Reviewing hours of video surveillance or monitoring multiple feeds at once is not required with intelligent video analytics. With digital surveillance systems and software, operators can specify events, activities, and behaviors to monitor and associate them with specific actions or alerts.

Extending Capacity and Capability

Security teams are continuously being requested to do more with less. Digital surveillance systems are optimized to deliver additional capacity and capability. Improved video forensic analysis, location-independent camera feed access, and advanced alerts based on behavioral triggers are among the advantages of migrating away from an analog video surveillance system.

Human Benefits

Reduced stress and increased safety are some of the intangible benefits to security staff and management when utilizing a digital surveillance system. Digitization and automation remove repetitive tasks and increase monitoring capability.

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