Articles that Enrich and Expand on Physical Security Technologies

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    Benefits of Intelligent Video Analytics

    Intelligent video analytics (IVA) offers numerous security benefits that enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of surveillance and monitoring systems. Here’s an overview of the key security advantages: Enhanced Detection and Alerting...
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    Applications of Intelligent Video Analytics in Security

    By integrating intelligent video analytics into critical infrastructure security and management systems, organizations can significantly enhance their protective measures, ensuring greater safety, efficiency, and resilience. This technology not only acts as a deterrent...
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    Intelligent Video Analytics vs. Standard Video Analytics

    The terms “intelligent video analytics” (IVA) and “video analytics” often overlap in usage. Still, they can be distinguished by the level of sophistication in their capabilities and the technologies they employ....
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    What is intelligent video analytics?

    Intelligent video analytics is the advanced use of computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to interpret video footage. This technology employs sophisticated algorithms, including deep-learning neural networks, to analyze visual...
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    Surveillance Cameras and Deterring Criminal Activity

    Surveillance cameras are a fundamental component of a multilayered security strategy, particularly effective in deterring criminal activity. Their presence sends a clear message of watchfulness, making would-be offenders think twice before...