Articles that Enrich and Expand on Physical Security Technologies

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    Motion Sensors

    Motion sensors are the key to your perimeter security system because they detect movement. These devices use one or more technologies, like radar waves, infrared technology, and sound vibration technology. Motion...
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    Data Center Security

    Data centers are the engine that drives the digital economy. Uninterrupted, continuous operation is critical to maintaining the services that an always-connected society relies on. Maintaining customer trust in the protection...
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    Perimeter Security of Electrical Transmission Substations

    Transmission Substations Electrical substations are an important part of the electricity distribution system. It consists mainly of high-voltage electrical equipment like transformers, switchgear and circuit breakers that step down incoming power...
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    Perimeter Security of Water Treatment Plants

    A water treatment plant is a facility that treats water, so it meets the requirements of the local water authority. The treated water may be used for drinking, irrigation, or other...
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    Perimeter Security of Distribution Substations

    A distribution substation is a type of electrical substation that serves as a switching and transformation point for the transmission of electrical power from transmission lines to local distribution lines. Distribution...
Maintain Your Perimeter

5 Steps to Eliminate Nuisance Alarms

In this article, we look for the common causes of nuisance alarms generated by outdoor perimeter intrusion detection sensors, with a particular focus on those generated by fence sensors and intrusion-detecting...

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