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What are Personal Duress Systems?

The health and safety of your staff and co-workers are particularly important in a security management infrastructure. Personal duress systems are an essential addition to any security framework, especially in scenarios where there are isolated or lone workers, and where the risk of threat or intrusion may be higher.

Personal duress systems are built to be simple and uncomplicated. In situations of crisis, the press of a button is usually all that is required to signal for help. Other features of duress systems include man-down alarm, no-response alerts, and continuous monitoring for location.

Who Needs a Duress Alarm System?

Lone workers or isolated workers or at-risk employees are the primary users of duress alarm systems. It is the employers’ responsibility to keep staff safe in the workplace. In fact, in some states and provinces, the use of personal duress systems is legally mandated.

Who is a Lone Worker or an Isolated Worker?

A lone worker or isolated worker refers to employees who work alone. If an accident or emergency were to occur, that employee’s access to help would be compromised. Proactive measures should be taken by both employee and employer to ensure all reasonable options are taken to maintain health and safety.

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